Premium Program


The premium system is a paid option of the site


It gives you access to advantages as a user of the chat and the network of sites we own.

The premium system is paid for a period of 30 days with a decreasing amount according to your choice.

The premium system does not immunize you from the rules applied on the site.


1. You get the grade of premium on the chat 
This gives you access to the entire chat room but also the power to go back to the chat history.

3) You get access to our discord, where are stored all the collage and where you are free to ask for more specific creations.

2) You get access to an average of 500 collage templates on the private part of the site, these templates allow you to make photo montage, 2 to 5 templates are published in addition each month.

4) You get access to the premium section, which is a hosting bonus that allows you to share content more easily on the chat for large files.

Please note, however, that CFWIVES cannot be held responsible for the content you post on sections 3 and 4 and that it is subject to the same rules as the entire website. 

( The rules can be found here )

We are the copyright owner of all content that we post on our behalf on the site, in the event of a dispute we will remove it via the DCMA form.

The price of the subscription

11.99 USD  for    1 month
32.37 USD  for    3 months
57.55 USD  for    6 Months
100.72USD for  12 Months

It is very important to fill in your name as a user of the CHAT in communication.
Once your payment is made you must count 24 hours before the activation of all the bonuses, because we work with unique passwords.

You can make your payment with the paysafe card payment system.
Please note that no refunds will be made as mentoring in our general terms and conditions.