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Cuckold Stories Vacancies between friends

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My name is Julie, married for 3 years with Samuel. We met freshman year in college and we never left each other.

We wait a while before having a child and we enjoy life. We go out as soon as we can and we have a circle of friends with whom we get along particularly well. I think we can be described as a young preppy couple.

Without wishing to throw flowers at me, I’m a pretty girl, light brown hair, wavy. I measure 1.68m for 54 Kg. According to my husband, my forms are perfect and that I have, a natural charm which makes the men crack. I often get hit on when we go out but Sam has total confidence in me and he’s right.

As for him, he is 1.75m, 68Kg. We are said to be a good match and I know that girls like him too.

Sexually, we have always gotten along well. No eccentricity between us but we are like that. Our orgasms are strong. We love each other passionately.

A year ago now an adventure happened to us that neither of us was prepared for.

It was the beginning of summer. We left with our 6 closest friends for 1 week and ½ on holiday near Toulouse, in a nice house with a swimming pool. We were 3 couples and 2 single friends.

The first week was made up of outings, barbecues and more intimate walks for each couple.

On Sunday, 2 couples of friends went out with one of the 2 singles as they were going back to work. We had decided to stay for 7 more days and Marc, between 2 jobs, had nothing planned so he stayed.

Let me introduce you to Marc. Marc has been my husband’s friend for as long as I can remember. He’s a guy who gets itchy, whether it’s for work or for the girls. He gets bored quickly. Since I’ve known him, our friendship has been the only stable thing in his life.

Marc is an athlete, 6’2″, muscular without being bodybuilt. Girls like him a lot, he goes out a lot and makes many conquests. He is a handsome guy, sure of himself and his charm. Sam has never seen him as a threat to our relationship, although I have not hidden the fact that Marc is, in my eyes too, a very handsome guy.

On Monday afternoon, Sam and Marc went to play tennis while I went shopping.

I didn’t get home until around 6:30 pm and they had drunk a lot of beer while waiting for me. Then we started drinking drinks. One drink led to another, Marc was pretty drunk and Sam was pretty gay. They both have happy drinking anyway, so it didn’t bother me.

I was enjoying their jokes and discussions more than daring, then we put on some music and danced a little.

I don’t know how it came about, but we talked about skinny-dipping. Before I had time to say anything, Marc and Sam were naked. Marc dove into the water quickly but I still had time to see our friend in his simplest apparatus and I felt my cheeks turn pink immediately.

They swam a bit and then came out, pretending they were going to dry out but they ran towards me and threw me in the water with them.

All I wore that night were short jean shorts and a little top, tightly fitting my chest and slim waist. The water made my outfit as indecent as if I had been naked.

We squabbled in the water for a while and then we went outside. As we squabbled, a few natural, no-nonsense strokes had taken place between me and Sam and between me and Mark. Mark was totally drunk but obviously not drunk enough not to have reacted to the sight of my body molded by my wet clothes.

He was having trouble walking really straight. In any case, much less straight than his sex. I got all red and didn’t take my eyes off Marc until he came into the house.

Sam and I looked at each other and laughed.

My husband teased me a little about looking at Mark in such detail, but he couldn’t blame me. In addition to being handsome and well-built, Marc was particularly spoiled by nature (a detail that apparently Sam had known for a long time).

Sam hugged me by the pool. I was full of desire and the vision of Marc naked was not for nothing. It was passionate. Sam undressed me and penetrated me. My sex was boiling hot.

  • You liked to see him get it up, didn’t you?
  • ….
  • Did you see his desire for you?
  • Yes, I did.
  • He wanted you! To make love to you, to fuck you, certainly even fuck you.
  • HAAAN! You’re the one I love!
  • But did you like seeing his sex set up for you?
  • Yes
  • His big cock!
  • Yes, so big! OOHHHH! YES!

Sam then whispered in my ear:

  • This could be him right now

That little phrase triggered my orgasm and hers at the same time. As we were picking up our things, I saw from the corner of my eye a curtain moving faintly around the house. Marc must have been watching us make love.

We went inside and lay down.

  • Then Julie. It was good, wasn’t it?
  • Yes, very good!
  • I thought you were particularly excited. You really wanted it. I suspect I wasn’t the only one responsible for your desire.
  • You’re talking nonsense. I love you. I love you. I wanted you very much.

In fact, the desire was always there and I took his sex in my hand and jerked him off gently.

  • I don’t doubt it, but be honest. Marc is a handsome guy and I’ve seen the way you look at him. He didn’t leave you indifferent either.
  • All right, he did. He’s a good-looking guy. You okay with that?
  • Oh, I don’t blame you. It’s normal… Like the way you look at his sex!
  • …. Well yes, I admit. He’s a hell of a piece. Some of his girlfriends had already told me about it. I could see that they were telling the truth. That’s all they said.

Sam doesn’t have to be ashamed of his sex. At least I’ve never had any complaints about it. His genitalia is 14-15 cm, not thin or fat and he’s always ready to honour me and give me pleasure. But indeed, Marc’s sex was really longer and for a diameter that seemed impressive to me in erection, very slightly curved upwards and with a big, very “appetizing” glans.

We kissed and caressed each other. My sex was again well soaked.

  • That’s it? That’s it? Not even the beginnings of a fantasy or an impulse? Nothing I should know about?
  • …..
  • Anything?
  • Well actually, when we were in the pool and we were fighting in the water, his body stuck to me a few times. You got a good look at him.
  • Yes
  • He was already hard then. And he even voluntarily pressed his sex against my buttocks at one point. Marc was drunk, so I didn’t react so as not to cause trouble.
  • I didn’t even notice!
  • You stood in front of me and held my hands.
  • And that turned you on?
  • Well, he was holding me by my hips to keep me steady and give you a free pass to mess with me. So he was really glued to me… and you just let it happen. I was still between two good-looking guys. I’m not made of ice! By the way, after all this talk, don’t you want to take care of me?
  • You bet I would, sweetie !!

We made love very tenderly. It was perfect, very good.

The next morning, the tension was palpable at breakfast, but it quickly subsided. Sam left with Marc to do some shopping and when they came back, they must have thought I had gone for a walk as they didn’t look for me and settled down on the terrace to talk. I was changing and I could hear them talking through the upstairs window. Marc apologized for his behaviour the day before. Sam then told him that he wasn’t angry with him, that alcohol hadn’t helped.

  • Marc: You know, there was alcohol for sure, but Julie is really pretty and I’ve always found her desirable. You’ve been my best friend for so long that I’m telling you this without any ulterior motive.
  • I know my wife is beautiful, you know.
  • Since we’re at confession, don’t hold it against me, but I sometimes get an erection when I think of your little wife.
  • You think I can’t see the looks on your face? Of course I know what you think of her. You’ve often told me that if I hadn’t gotten my hooks into her, you would have done anything to be with her.
  • Not as a couple, you know that… But physically…
  • That much! … The little piggy! Besides… I had the impression that you rinsed your eyes well. Did you see everything?… Did you like the show last night?
  • Yes, it was good but I was a bit far away and I didn’t dare open the window. I only had the pictures but I must confess that I envied you very much. You don’t blame me for having played the voyeur?
  • No, I would have done the same. We were so excited last night. And I’ll tell you what. Julie wasn’t just thinking about me last night!
  • What do you mean she wasn’t thinking about you last night?
  • Don’t play innocent. You walk around naked in front of my wife, you show her your big thing, and you expect me to believe that you didn’t want her to see it?
  • Well, I had fun, that’s for sure. But it was completely unintentional. I was just drunk, that’s all. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have gone this far.
  • I’m not the kind of person who gets complexes, but she’s not used to seeing complexes like that. She must have enjoyed the view.
  • Oh but if she wants to see more, I’m at her disposal! Unless you have a problem with that.
  • …. In fact, I was really excited yesterday to see the way she looked at you! She could see that you wanted her. It must have flattered her ego. And I don’t see anything wrong with someone else wanting her.

I was fascinated by the way they talked. I certainly wasn’t going to go out now.

  • Shit, you’re serious, too.
  • I’ve always liked her to please men. She gets hit on a lot, too. Every time, I’m very proud to be her husband and very excited that others want her. I like that very much.
  • Julie is very lucky to have you.
  • Yes, but I always wonder how she’d be with another man. I’d like to see that, I must confess. I’m talking about something purely sexual, of course.
  • You’d like to see her with someone other than yourself?
  • Actually, I’ve fantasized about it for a very long time, but it’s so crazy. Anyway, if something like that were to happen, I can imagine you in that role.
  • Wow! You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! You’re trying to drive me crazy!
  • No, I’m not. I’m serious.
  • Well, I’ll look forward to it, but I’m not kidding myself either. I get the feeling that Julie doesn’t really know what we’re talking about.
  • Not really, no. But like I said. I think if it was going to be with someone, it would be you! Besides, you’re way ahead of the game. She likes you, she thinks you’re handsome, and I’m sure she was impressed with your sex. I’ve never felt ridiculous about that, but yours is much bigger.
  • And you wouldn’t mind just… That part! You’re not afraid that she’s more… How shall I put it?
  • You can say it frankly: That she’ll come more with you than with me?
  • Yes.
  • If ever that should happen, and I mean if… I wouldn’t want her to be with a guy who wasn’t good in bed. If she doesn’t come hard, there’s no point… And then we love each other and I don’t think it would change anything between us.
  • If what you’re saying is true, and if you’re willing to go further, I’m sure there’ll never be a better opportunity. We’re all three of us here for a few more days. Who knows?
  • Yeah… who knows?

I was overwhelmed by their conversation. Sam made it clear that he would be okay with Marc sleeping with me. On the one hand, I couldn’t understand Sam. But even though I found it totally immoral, I was still certain of his love by his words. On the other hand, I am in love and faithful, but I am not a nun. Mark had always attracted me physically and Sam was not wrong to say that the sight of his anatomy yesterday had moved me. As he had said… We still had a few days left to spend the three of us here…. Who knows?

We spent the next 2 days walking around, as a couple or 3. The evenings were lively and I think I unconsciously entered into a game of seduction with Marc who was doing the same with me.

I even think that one evening, he even arranged for me to be forced to see him go into the shower (his firm and muscular buttocks were very beautiful). One morning, when I woke up, Sam even opened the door of Marc’s room where he was sleeping on his back. His sex was resting on his stomach. I came by and Sam showed me Marc. I blushed and gave him a pat on the shoulder, but I stayed a few seconds to look at him before leaving.

One evening, we made love and Sam told me about the “handsome Marc”. My imagination worked immediately. Sam must have found me particularly receptive, even though I didn’t totally play along with him. Sam made sure I was dressed short and sexy. I pretended to resist him a little but it was for the form because he didn’t have to force me much.

3 days before we left, it was overwhelmingly hot so we stayed in the house, alternating between baths in the pool and our rooms for short naps.

We only wore boxers or bathing suits. We were now well tanned. My husband’s and Marc’s muscles constantly attracted my eyes and I could see in their eyes that I was gorgeous.

That afternoon, Sam and I lay down for a little nap and a few caresses. I couldn’t help telling him about the conversation he had had with Mark.

Sam, the other day, I overheard a rather peculiar conversation between you and Marc…

  • What a conver… Oh… I think I know what conversation you’re talking about! Were you there?…. Did you hear everything?
  • Yes, everything.
  • Are you mad at me?
  • No, I’m not mad at you… But be totally honest with me. Was it true what you said, or was it just a harmless chat between two drunk guys?
  • Julie, at the risk of disappointing you, it was the truth. It’s a fantasy I’ve had for a very long time.
  • Could you really stand to see me with another man?
  • For a long time, I thought it was just a fantasy, but as time went on, I realized that we love each other very much, and enough so that a purely physical act wouldn’t hurt our relationship… On the contrary, I think.
  • Sam, I can’t stand you being with someone else. I’ll scratch his eyes out. Can you really imagine another man touching and caressing my body that you love so much, my big breasts that you find so beautiful.
  • I can imagine very well, yes. And I’m totally convinced that I would like it very much.
  • Marc asked you a very pertinent question. I’d like you to answer it again but looking me in the eye. And if he could make me come harder than you, how would you feel?
  • I wasn’t really honest with Marc about that, you’re right.

He looked me straight in the eye before he went on.

  • I want, I demand that the man who sleeps with you be able to make you come like you’ve never come before. I would like to hear you scream with pleasure with a manly man, someone physically handsome and well built, even if you have to shout his name…

I could barely breathe because his eyes and his words were so intense. I knew Sam so well that I knew he was sincere.

  • Sam, this is insane. I love you, you fill me up.
  • Oh, my darling, you’re a breathtaking beauty. And when you come, you’re even more beautiful. I just want to be able to witness that coming… with a healthy, nice, discreet guy… a guy who can awaken a strong desire in you, a guy who knows what he does best.
  • …. And if I believe what you’ve been trying to tell me halfway since the beginning of the week, Marc is that guy?
  • If you were to accept, I think he’d be perfect indeed. I know he meets my standards… and I’m sure he’ll meet all of yours.

Sam had a hard on.

  • This is serious, Sam. I could take you up on that, you know?
  • I love you. (Chuckles) And I’ve never been more serious.
  • I’m sorry, Sam. I don’t think it’s happening.
  • Don’t worry about it. Some fantasies aren’t necessarily meant to be fulfilled. Now, the only difference from before is that you know what I think. Well, who knows? Someday we may find ourselves in a situation where you feel confident, liberated… But that’s only possible if it becomes a fantasy for you, too.

Around 8:00 p.m., the temperature dropped a few degrees. We ate a salad and then took a short walk before diving into the pool.

The afternoon’s discussion kept coming back to me. I couldn’t help but think about Marc and his gorgeous body, the promise of pleasure that emanated from the vision of Marc’s erect sex.

We were swimming quietly, the water was doing us a great deal of good. Sam and I kissed from time to time. Then, just like the other night, we had a fight. I went from Sam to Marc while trying to escape.

I don’t know how else to explain it, I was under sexual tension. I felt like getting teased, more and more naughty. Showing off my breasts, especially since all men are crazy about my breasts.

I felt Marc’s hand sometimes lingering more than right on my waist and I felt a hard bump against my buttocks at times. It didn’t escape Sam’s notice and he didn’t say anything. One of Sam’s words in our last discussion came back to me: “I want to hear you scream with pleasure … and witness this enjoyment.

Some of the looks between me and Sam were full of innuendo.

This time it was an improbable event that triggered it all off. While we were bickering with Sam, the knot in my swimsuit top came undone. I immediately folded my arms across my chest, grumbling and laughing at the same time, but it made it much harder for me to move around in the water.

By dint of teasing me to take off my swimsuit, Marc found himself with his back to the poolside with me in his arms, facing my husband. Our eyes met as I could clearly feel a hard bump on my back. The situation became electric within seconds. Marc grabbed me by my wrists and gently spread my hands apart.

Sam looked me in the eyes for a long time. I was stressed and I didn’t want to let anything show, but he saw right away that I wanted 100% for his fantasy to come true… Maybe even 200%… And now I wanted the chance to “come like I’ve never come before”…

He finished taking off my bikini top without my moving or protesting. As I imagined Marc’s gaze over my shoulder, Sam ran his hands over my body and stuffed my breasts before taking my so sensitive nipples in his mouth and kissing me. Our breathing had quickened. He looked into my eyes again. I brought my mouth close to his ear and whispered so that Mark didn’t hear “I love you…. But I’m going to come with someone else tonight… For you… and for me”

Marc let go of me and Sam turned me around to face him. He devoured me with his eyes. He began to gently caress my breasts, no doubt appreciating the firmness and softness. I was already in another world.

  • Marc: You’re beautiful, Julie… So desirable.

He leaned over and licked my breasts. I gave myself over to his caresses, head backwards against Sam.

  • Me: God, what do we do?
  • Sam: We’re enjoying our vacation. Let’s do something crazy.
  • Marc: Let yourself go, baby. Just think about the caressing, the pleasure… the sex.
  • Sam: Let’s go in the house… Not here… We’ll be better off.

We got out of the water and dried ourselves off briefly and almost embarrassed we were so close. Sam dragged me by the hand to our room and Marc held my other hand.

My heart was pounding. I was scared and at the same time I wanted this more than anything else at that moment.

When I got to the room, I went to my husband. I dropped the towel around me and kissed him and then I turned to Mark and for the first time since we’ve been together, I kissed another man. I made myself as sensual for them as they were for me. They kissed me, sucked my breasts and caressed me everywhere. Mark got down on his knees and took off my bikini bottoms. He stroked my legs, slowly moving up to my crotch while devouring my buttocks. A huge shiver ran through my body.

  • Me: It’s so good. I want it so much.

Sam slipped a hand between my legs to find a finger of Mark gently penetrating my pussy. I was totally soaked and it was when Sam stroked my clitoris that I had my first little orgasm.

Marc got up and I grabbed the bumps that were deforming their underpants. I started with Sam so as not to offend him, I confess, because I was very curious to see Marc’s sex up close. I stroked and sucked him for a while and then, while looking him in the eyes, I turned to Marc. Slowly, I knelt down in front of him and released his sex. He was pointing proudly in front of him, at the top of his form, much more impressive when seen up close.

I glanced at him in amazement as I held this hound in my hand. My fingers didn’t go all the way around his shaft.

  • Marc: Oh my God, Julie! You don’t know how many times I’ve dreamt of this moment! The beautiful and adorable wife of my best friend about to blow me!
  • Sam: Are you pining for him sweetie? Yet you want it as much as he does!

Sam was giving me his approval and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. I’ve always liked to blow Sam. I looked at Marc and stuck my tongue on his dick. I licked it like ice cream. I appreciated not only the size but also the hardness of his limb, the size and softness of the glans. I sucked Marc’s cock for a while, stopping only to take my husband’s sex in my mouth at times. He too was very hard, proof of his excitement.

Sam helped me up and laid me down on the bed. From the look in Sam’s eyes, Marc understood. He came on top of me and covered me with a kiss. My nipples pointed proudly. I looked at Sam with all the love I had in me but I was waiting for one thing: for someone else to take me.

I felt a lump in my stomach, an incredible excitement. Marc was going to penetrate me in front of Sam. I could see the envy on Mark’s face. He was boiling with envy to penetrate me, but he was taking his time. He was rubbing his sex on my intimate lips, wrenching sighs of desire from me. At that moment I saw a furtive glimmer of jealousy mixed with extreme excitement in Sam’s eyes but we had gone too far. I wanted it more and more and was moving my pelvis in a very clear invitation to be penetrated.

  • Marc: I feel too much like …. Sam?
  • Sam: She’s waiting for it! Take her!

Marc pushed and I felt my sex open up for someone other than Sam’s. I wanted it so badly that it went in quite easily despite the size.

  • Marc: You’ll see, you’ll like it. I promise!

Marc was barely moving inside me. He must have sunk halfway down after a few trips back and forth and I already felt penetrated like never before given the thickness of his limb. I did everything I could to hide the pleasure of this massive penetration but I quickly started to moan. He continued like that for a while and my pleasure grew, my moaning increased. At one point, I opened my eyes wide, the pleasure was still rising inside me. I could see Mark’s face tensing up as well. I reached out my hand to Sam and jerked him off vigorously but awkwardly as I was enjoying myself very hard. Marc came out quickly and jerked off above my stomach. His sperm spurted out very loud, followed by my husband’s. Mark’s sperm covered my body from the pubis to the base of my neck while Sam’s sperm spurted out on my hand and arm.

Usually, after the orgasm, my excitement subsides, but I was still very much in the mood. The three of us were so excited that we came in less than 5 minutes.

I stood up to look at my body covered with semen. I was embarrassed, ashamed and yet still excited. I got up and dragged Sam into the shower. We didn’t exchange a word but I knew right away that Sam was fine. Our kisses were fiery.

When we came back into the bedroom, we could hear the shower in the other bathroom running.

We lay down and started kissing. I made myself sensual and soft and cuddly. Sam always gets hard really fast, even after a cumshot. His erection had of course returned at full gallop. I stood over him and came down to take his sex in my mouth. I was kneeling on the bed with my butt almost up in the air.

At that moment, I saw in Sam’s eyes that Marc was there. I followed that look in his eyes. Marc was in the doorway. He was looking at us and smiling.

  • Marc: You both look beautiful. I had a lot of fun and I don’t know how to thank you for earlier, but I will find… I’ll see you tomorrow.

Marc turned around to leave.

  • Sam: Marc, wait. Don’t tell me you don’t like Julie’s position. Let’s just be crazy and live this night as a parenthesis. Something tells me that Julie really wants this.
  • Me: Yes… I do… I do…. Let’s be crazy.

Marc came up behind me.

  • Marc: Sorry to talk like that Julie but… What an ass! You’re really lucky Sam.
  • Me: He’s lucky but tonight you’re lucky too, aren’t you?
  • Marc: Oh yes!

He started stroking my butt, my back and my thighs. I gave myself over to the caresses, bending over even more. Marc then leaned over and kissed my buttocks, almost biting them, which turned me on wildly. He got more comfortable and started licking my pussy. Very skillfully I must say. I was making little moans, choked by the sex I was having in my mouth. Given the position, Marc’s tongue sometimes ventured up to my anus. This caress covered me with shivers from head to toe and excited me like crazy.

  • Sam: It’s good, Julie, huh?
  • Me: Oh yes! I love you my heart! He licks me good you know! Yeah, just like that! OOHHHHH!

Sam was hard as wood and I straightened up. I positioned myself and impaled myself on him with a big sigh of satisfaction. I started moving in rhythm and moaning. Marc caressed me wherever he could, slipping his hand into the crack of my buttocks.

Totally astride Sam, I kissed Marc while grabbing his braquemart. I was getting more and more active on Sam and I could see in his eyes that he thought I was beautiful. I looked at him with love and I wanted him to read my pleasure in my eyes but I couldn’t help but look also with an undisguised desire at the perfect body of our friend as well as his majestic sex set up for me.

  • Marc: Go for it Sam! Make her come and have fun! Then it will be my turn!
  • Sam: She’s waiting for that too! Right Julie? You want Marc to take you again, don’t you?
  • Julie: Yes! OOOH Sam that’s so good!
  • Sam : You want his big cock inside you? For him to fuck you good and hard?
  • Me : Oh yes, I want it too much! It’s all too good! I want to come! YES!
  • Marc: I’m going to make your little wife scream with pleasure! Trust me, buddy!

I was so excited and so was Sam. I had a very strong orgasm and immediately afterwards I felt Sam was going to come, I withdrew from him and for the first time in our relationship, I sucked him until he came in my mouth while looking him in the eyes. That night, I had decided to break some taboos. I didn’t stop until his moaning of pleasure subsided. I had swallowed it all.

Meanwhile, Marc had positioned himself behind me. He passed his sex in the crack of my buttocks. With the rhythm of his movements, I could see his sex protruding from my arching loins. His sex again seemed very impressive to me.

I understood that this moment was going to be very strong. Sam was waiting and feared this moment. As before, I saw in his face the struggle between jealousy and excitement. I looked at Sam with the eyes of a pussy. I bit my lip, I looked at him… And then I looked at Mark to see how much I wanted to. My pelvis was moving more and more. At one point I felt Marc’s glans sliding down my slit and I groaned with impatience as the sex slid back up against my now totally cambered and offered ass.

Marc looked at Sam as if to ask for his approval but with an almost animal glow in the back of his eyes. I could guess his terrible desire to fuck me in front of my husband, to make me come in front of him.

  • Sam: So Julie! He’s asking my permission to enter you there! What am I supposed to do?
  • Me: I want to too much. Let him do it.
  • Sam: Go ahead Marc! Fuck her! Make my wife come and don’t take care of me!

Marc grabbed his cock to get it in the right place and pushed. I felt the progression of our friend’s sex like never before. I thought I would die of lust, pleasure and excitement when he stopped. His pubic hair was not touching my buttocks and yet I was already more than satisfied with the length and thickness of the sex that was penetrating me.

  • Marc: HMMM! That’s so good!

Marc was very gentle, going back and forth slowly, sinking a little deeper each time and now tearing little screams out of me. I felt with incredible pleasure and amazement as my vagina stretched to accommodate our friend’s enormous sex. No pain. I enjoyed every moment of this great penetration.

Marc tried to make me feel as much as possible and was very gifted.

  • Me: OH YES! Oh my god YES! There! OOOHHHHHH!
  • Marc: Do you feel it right there?
  • Me : I… OHHHH… So big My god YES! SCOFFS!

Marc went on like that for a long time and I left in an incredible orgasm. Sam told me later that at one point I grabbed his calf and stuck my fingernails into it to the point of scratching him. I was in another universe. Marc looked at Sam at times, visibly both proud and worried that his wife was coming like that.

I knew Marc had a good reputation with the female population, but there I had proof of it…. I saw Sam signaling to Marc that there was nothing to worry about and that he could continue.

Marc stopped when I calmed down a bit. He straightened me up and we rolled a skate. Then I looked at Sam with a smile of satisfaction and bliss, but I also put tenderness and love in it. Marc was still stuck inside me and was kneading my breasts with his hands.

He pushed me forward until my breasts and shoulders were flattened in bed. I felt him tighten his grip on my hips and he went deep. I let out a raspy scream at the edge of pain. I tried to get away from this penetration but he held me against him.

Every movement of my pelvis would make me scream, but after a few seconds it was no longer a complaint. I was getting used to its presence in places I had never been before.

Marc made a wide movement, almost coming out almost to plunge back into me. I screamed like I’d never screamed before. He then started to fuck me, to work me, to broaden my sex with big dick strokes. I came, screamed, bite the sheets… What was happening there was unthinkable three days before.

Sam saw his little wife being fucked by his best friend right in front of him. I was offered and consented. Mark took full advantage of my breasts, thighs and buttocks. He was a god… And it was kind of true at that moment. Sam is very cute, handsome even. But right now, Marc was like a sex god. His muscular body was covered in sweat. All his muscles were bandaged in the effort and his powerful sex had been sweeping me off my feet for quite a while as I screamed in ecstasy. I realized with dismay that I was shouting our friend’s name.

  • Marc: I’m going to come Julie, I’m going to come! You’re too good!

I didn’t even react. I shouted a loud scream as he came, stuck deep inside my pussy. I felt his sperm jets crash into my vagina… And then it was a black hole for me.

When I woke up the next day, I was alone in bed. I went to the bathroom, and just like a few days before, I heard Marc and Sam talking.

  • Marc: … So I need to talk to you about last night. I woke up this morning thinking about last night and it’s been bothering me. We’ve been friends forever and I just want to be clear between us.
  • Sam: We need to talk about it, yeah. But you don’t have to stress about it.
  • Marc: Well, a little bit anyway. You’re not jealous about yesterday?
  • Sam: I have to admit that at times it was a little hard for me but I can assure you that I have no regrets. Julie and I, sexually, it’s always been very good… …but last night you played in a different category. I’m more than glad she had a lover like you. You didn’t fail your reputation.
  • Marc: You should know that I have nothing but friendship for Julie. She’s your wife and I adore you both. But it’s true that I have always found Julie to be charming, charming and excuse me, but she is as gauntlet-like as a goddess. I’ve wanted her for a very long time, you know.
  • Sam: Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment. And if I take Julie’s side, I can understand why she was attracted to you. What the hell did you do to make her come ?!
  • Marc: Don’t blame me but besides, doing this in front of you… It was the first time I did it in front of someone… So do it in front of the consenting husband. It was very exciting. A little kinky, but a real kick.
  • Sam: I recognize you now. You son of a bitch! Worried if I’m mad at you, but glad I made my wife come in front of me.
  • Marc: And how did she react?
  • Sam: To tell you the truth, I don’t know. She’s asleep. You’ve exhausted her. We’ll see when she comes down, but I know her well and I’m not worried.

A few moments later, I took a shower and came in the kitchen fresh. I went into my husband’s arms for a big hug as usual and a loving kiss.

Then I turned to Marc and went to give him a kiss. We talked about what we were going to visit during the day and while we were tidying up breakfast, I got down to our debauchery of the day before.

  • Oh, by the way… Thanks for last night. Both of you. You were perfect. I don’t think it could’ve gone any better. I’m going to remember it very fondly.
  • I’m going to remember it, too.

They both answered at the same time and we all laughed.

We had two whole days left before we left. Sam and I both escaped. It was really great. Only a few light hints reminded us of what happened and I was still madly in love with my husband. We even made love at the bottom of a small road, running away in a hurry like schoolboys once our business was done.

Two years have passed since then. We are still friends with Marc but for the past year, we have only seen each other on the Internet because he left for a career in Canada.

Sam and I remember from time to time the crazy evening we had and our enjoyment is each time multiplied tenfold by our excitement.

Sam has invited us to join him in a few months for a vacation. Our answer was yes right away and we can’t wait to see him again….

Especially since, even if I don’t feel the need, a few looks and words from Sam make me think that he has an idea in the back of his head that is


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  1. This has to be one of the best threesome stories I have ever read, with in two paragraphs I was sporting a hard on which never subsided even when I got to the end. More of the same please.

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