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It’s now been 6 months since I masturbated, in front of my webcam, for the pleasure of strangers.

But also, and above all, for mine.

It all started in December, it had been snowing all day. When I got off the bus, around 5:00 pm, after school, I was just waiting for a nice hot shower. I went home, greeted my mother and her new boyfriend and went upstairs to the bathroom. After undressing, I turned on the shower tap and slipped under the water, which was of comforting warmth.

As it streamed over my body, my thoughts wandered. I started imagining some pretty bestial stuff with a stranger.

I’ve never experienced any trauma or anything, but I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a stranger, or even several. I even have a strong desire to submit myself totally to a guy I wouldn’t know. Funny fantasy, isn’t it?

Anyway, without realizing it, I started touching myself. First by stroking my chest: my little B cup wasn’t very impressive, but my breasts were round and firm. I then gently stimulated my nipples which are very light pink. After a few seconds of stimulation, my well waxed pussy was also asking for some. So my hand went down to his level and started tickling my clitoris…

I imagined myself in a dark alley on a winter’s evening… It is dark, and I am dressed in a black coat, hiding a small taupe-colored dress and lace stockings. Apart from the snow cracking under my boots, the silence is the most complete. After a few meters, concentrated on the sound of my footsteps, I do not see that the man who has just passed by me turns around and turns around. Suddenly, he grabs me by the waist and turns me around in front of him. He presses against me and his face is only a few centimetres from mine.

– Good evening, miss…. It’s pretty late for a walk, don’t you think?

– What is it that…

He kisses me. His tongue forces the passage of my lips. I’m not fighting it. His body presses even harder against mine. I feel his penis against my sex. I still don’t fight. He drops me and looks at me:

– Tell me… Do you seem to like what I’m doing to you?

– Yes.

– You little bitch.

On that, he sticks his tongue back into my mouth. He pushes me against a brick wall, his hands tear off my coat that falls to the ground. He then grabs my breasts without care. The pain I feel excites me.

– Your mouth looks perfect for cutting my dick.

He said that against my lips. He forces me to kneel, pressing on my shoulders. I unbutton his pants and take off his underwear. A huge rod emerges from it, as if it were spring-loaded. I like thick and long tails: it’s always good when they’re cramped inside me…

– Lick it.

I’m doing it. I lick, suck, masturbate. And I masturbate too during that time. I can’t swallow it all the way, he’s forcing me to. My throat has never had a dick so deep in my throat. I can hear him breathing noisily. I want his dick in me. Suddenly, he pushes me away and picks me up. He rips off my lace thong. He grabs me by the butt and lifts me up. Without having time to assimilate everything, he inserts his big cock into me and…

Suddenly, a bottle of shampoo crashed at my feet. I jumped and opened my eyes.

It was at that moment that I noticed myself in the foot mirror located just in front of the shower cubicle. My hands were fucking me. I had inserted three fingers in me, I was wet as never before.

I’d never looked at myself masturbating before. Why, I don’t know.

This view excited me terribly. So I started to continue my masturbation, but with my eyes open this time….

I kept wiggling my fingers inside me. My other hand tickled my clitoris. In the mirror, I looked…. Hot. I had removed the fog from the cabin window to see myself better. I imagined, still with my eyes open, this stranger fucking me… His nails scratch my ass… his lips bite my neck… Suddenly, the orgasm was overwhelming.

I wasn’t moaning, I was screaming. My legs were not slightly shaky, I had trouble standing up. My breathing wasn’t a little faster than usual, it was completely crazy.

Knocks rang at the door:

– What’s going on, Jade? I thought I heard screaming!

It was Evan, my mother’s new boyfriend. Panicked, I answered:

– Oh, uh, nothing! There was a spider in the sink! I got it! I got it!

– Aha, I see…. We’re eating in 10 minutes. Hurry up! Hurry up!

After putting on my pajamas (simple XXL t-shirt with the “Nirvana” group logo and grey shorts), I went down to eat. My mother and Evan were already sitting there, waiting for me.

– How was your day, Mom?

– Pretty good…. I may leave here in a while for a business trip. It will be the end of June. I’ll be back in mid-July.

My mother, Joëlle, is the director of a large lingerie brand. She has shops in several countries, so she often travels for business. She continued:

– So I won’t be here for your 19th birthday. I’m sorry about that. Could you throw a party here in the garden with your friends?

– Yes, I’ll think about it….

My mind was elsewhere. I was thinking about my imaginary stranger and everything he could do to me later in the evening, when I would be lying on my bed… Or in front of my mirror.

So we were finishing dinner. Evan and my mother were talking about things and things. When I ate my pesto pasta, however, all I could think about was touching myself. My pussy was very wet again and, when I discreetly lifted my t-shirt, I realized that the light grey of my shorts had become very dark at my crotch.

My pussy was on fire.

I quickly finished my plate and used a headache as a pretext to lock myself in my room.

I had barely closed the door when my shorts were at my feet. Another scenario came to mind…. Unless it’s an idea?

That night, I had to masturbate for more than 40 minutes before eliminating all my excitement. I had an idea…

I was about to get fucked by strangers. Or at least I was going to make them want to fuck me.


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