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Cuckold Stories One day before the wedding

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Ah, I’ve tried some wedding dresses! At least forty in about ten different shops! But there’s something really exciting about these fittings. In theory, you only get married once in your life. So it’s almost an obligation to be perfect for the best day of your life. And I must admit that spending my days in luxury boutiques didn’t bother me either.

Finally, my choice was the dress of a young designer yet unknown. The fitting took place in a sumptuous showroom, located in the room of a hotel in the western suburbs of Paris.

Alone in the big room, I was crazy, playing Cinderella in front of the mirror. I decided to rehearse the bride’s striptease that I was going to perform in front of my husband on our wedding night! I was starting to warm up by imagining myself lowered into my beautiful dress when, all of a sudden, I heard a noise: someone had just entered. It was José, the creator of the dress, who arrived to attend the fitting.

As I was in my undress, I grabbed my dress and covered myself with it. This amused the charming young man very much, who immediately came to me and told me to make myself comfortable. “You know, in my business, you often see girls all knotted up! “His little Spanish accent was really charming. I found myself wondering if this blondie wasn’t a homosexual. “It would be such a shame, I thought. And why is that a shame? What an idea! What the hell am I thinking? I’m getting married tomorrow. »

Jose asked me to get up, then he got rid of my dress. I felt good, almost euphoric. Even if my reason ordered me to calm down, I was taken by an irrepressible excitement that encouraged me to let myself go into the arms of this cheap Latin lover, with discoloured hair.
With the stress of wedding preparations, my fiancé and I hadn’t had sex in a week, and it was my body that was now calling me to order.

I felt like I was getting wet, as if a small spring was being born between my thighs.

I wanted to fuck so much that my smell of a woman in heat must have filled the whole room. This did not escape José. I noticed the bump in his pants…

He was not hiding it, I think he was even particularly keen for me to notice it. He came up to me and put his hand on my wet thong.

With his fingers, he rubbed my little pussy’s lips… And then he told me a confidence that nailed me to the place: “You know in general, yé prefers men, but you, Miss, yé finds you very attractive…” My initial intuition was the right one: José liked boys!

Given the way things were going, I was going to have sex with a gay man for the first time! Well, let’s say a bi, rather… In any case, that a man attracted by boys wants me so much, it was rather flattering! My desire for sex was working on my body, I felt like a big hollow in my stomach, a void to be filled urgently.

I opened his pants, he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. His tail was well bandaged. I admired her veins protruding under her beautiful, soft, tanned skin. His balls were well shaved, as I like it. I scanned them with the tip of my tongue.
I put his glans between my lips, I was salivating on this big, sweet-flavored berlingot.

He sat down, and I gave him a good blowjob, applied and drooling.

My Latin lover moaned, sighed. After a while, he suggested to me that it was better to stop me if I didn’t want him to come right away.

He asked me to lick myself. I sat down in turn, and José took my panties off.

He was fascinated by my little pussy. It’s true she’s cute. I myself find it appetizing.

Especially when I just shaved it off! He looked at her for a long time, opening my lips to discover my delicate pale pink flesh. He leaned over, his tongue outstretched, to taste me. He was enjoying my juice, this little piggy, and you could really see it!

He licked me passionately and sometimes stopped, just to breathe me in… My kitten smelled strong… It’s amazing the scents she gives off when I want sex… It’s so hot, so animal.

Jose would walk up my ass to the clitoris, then come down. Sometimes he would stick his tongue inside my vagina, making it come and go, insisting on the front part. As if he was pushing it all the way in, I felt my pussy opening up more and more. I didn’t know how long he hadn’t taken care of a woman, but he was damn good, Jose!

I offered myself, ready to welcome his good cock in me, ready to be pounded as it should be!

When my gay hidalgo lingered on my little pimple, I felt the pleasure rise irrepressibly. My legs shook, I moaned for a long time. I left in a first orgasm.

Jose left my clit that was getting too sensitive and sucked my labia majora, before going down to lap the juice that was flowing from my pussy on my asshole. He was definitely resourceful, that boy! I asked him if he wanted to take me, and he replied: “Yes, of course, sister! “It’s been so long since he’d entered a woman!

My open and dripping pussy, that was going to change him from his boyfriend’s little hole! I lay on the bed, on the side, and asked him to come behind me. He first stroked my breasts and buttocks, then lifted my thigh. I spread my pussy’s lips apart, and he pointed his rod at the hole that called him. He hadn’t unloaded, that little piggy, quite the contrary! Slowly, he pushed his glans in. He didn’t have any trouble getting in, I was so wet!

He slipped his tail gently, smoothly, all the way to his balls. I thought about my wedding night… Very hot images invaded my mind. I could see myself sucking my husband’s dick while Jose was picking me up. I even imagined that José was sodomizing my darling… This thought excited me incredibly. I wasn’t too attached to the likelihood of situations, I knew that my future husband didn’t have bisexual tendencies (unless he hides them), but dreaming about two men fucking together has always ignited my senses!

Jose continued his slow comings and goings in my pussy. I loved that delicacy. So many men would have immediately pounded me and shaken me up and down!
But I wanted to feel it even more deeply inside me, and I came to sit on it. I sat as a rider on his tail, turning my back on him, so that he would have a nice perspective on my ass. But he told me he wanted to see me caress my breasts while fucking me.

So I turned around, and it started to activate a little more in my slot.

I impaled myself on that hard tail, José grabbed my butt, spreading my small yawn hole.

He would administer severe slaps on my ass from time to time… My secret entrance was expanding. I then imagined being caught in a “double”, with José’s cock in my pussy and my husband’s in my anus. I could see them pounding me together, those two! I was giving the rhythm by fucking myself on Jose’s cock. He tried as best he could to give me a little kidney punch, which made my butt snap against his hips. It was delicious! “Oh, Miss, it’s so good, it’s my favorite position…”

With these words, I understood that he would not last very long. I was watching for the slightest of his reactions, the expressions on his face, his look… I felt that he was going to crack, but I still wanted some…

I wanted him to pound me a little harder. So I asked him to take me in a doggy style, and I promised him I would come back above him, after… I sat on all fours on the floor, with two cushions under my knees. Well arched, butt in the air, I was waiting for my little gay boy’s dick…”

A girl’s ass is different, huh? Come on, get me high…”

He didn’t have to be asked. He grabbed my buttocks with his hands, spread them wide open, and plunged into my little pussy. Then he grabbed my hips and shook me like a basic straight guy, which surprised me a little bit!
Her balls were slamming against my pussy. It was so good, so wild, I felt like I was taking off!

But I wanted to keep control of the situation: “Lie down on the ground, I’ll fuck you until you can’t anymore! “I sat on my handsome Spaniard’s stake… I crushed my ass on his hips, rubbing up against him. I liked to master this game, I felt it at my mercy. So he could come! At times, I accelerated the pace, I went up and down faster on his dick. He was so hard, so swollen, so full of desire…

I was hoping my husband would do as well on our wedding night! Sometimes I would close my eyes and whisper to him, between two moans: “Oh yes, smash me, go ahead, smash me, give me your tail, come touch the bottom of my pussy…”

He was even trying to hit him with his back, but I was pinning him to the ground with my ass and pushing it back to push his dick as deep as I could. I groaned obscenities: “Oh yeah, put it on, give it to me up to my balls…” I no longer had any restraint, and by the way, why do I have any? I would probably never come back to this place, and I would probably never see this man again. He would join his boyfriend. I was going to get married, and I would behave again…

Unless my husband wants to fulfill my fantasies, and he’s open to a threesome with a guy! It may not be something to offer at a time so close to marriage, when you’ve just sworn loyalty, but after all, lasting couples are the ones who are most sexually fulfilled, aren’t they? This cute, high-performing little gay boy had opened up new horizons for me. He was probably going to change my sex life… Who knows, maybe I was going to change his too?

At that moment of my thoughts, Jose came out of my pussy. I knew what he was going to do. He wanted to come, he really couldn’t take it anymore.
I asked her to come back into me, because I still wanted an orgasm. He pounded me until I felt intense heat rising from my stomach and then irradiated my brain. I think I put a hand in front of my mouth to muffle a scream. What a pleasure!

Now I wanted him to abandon himself too, to spurt out. I wanted her seed, I wanted to taste it, drink her juice, José stood in front of me and jerked off in front of my face. I was trying to bend his dick. I wanted it in my mouth… to suck it again.

I swallowed his knot and, after a few seconds, the warm liquid spurted on my tongue. I got up to kiss my stylist in the mouth. We exchanged our saliva for a long time and he enjoyed tasting his sperm… What a wonderful memory! The kind of thing you never forget… If you read this story, José, know that I have become a married, reasonable and faithful woman. But one day, I will talk to my husband about my fantasies… And maybe in a few years, I will tell him about our adventure. I hope he won’t be mad at me, and that it will turn him on…


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