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Cuckold Stories Offered to all men

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I lived in a large southern city where I lived. I was looking for work when I went from an internship to a
the other without being able to get a permanent job.

Long periods of inactivity weighed on morale.

To kill time and for the taste of adventure, I used to hang out frequently in some bars where I met men from
who kindly offered me a coffee and hoped for more.

I liked to dress sexy, with nothing under my clothes, I went out short dressed.
I had a solid reputation as a bitch.

It was very pleasing to these gentlemen baited by my thighs that
I exhibited and my breasts free, I brought some back, frequently in my small apartment
located in a busy street in the city centre.

I was called a whore.

I didn’t care about that.

Yet I have never been paid.

For me, the desire for multiple encounters is paramount.

I love carnal contact.

Boredom and pleasure helped me to receive more and more men who wanted me.
Friendly, they brought beers, chips, and alcohol that has the power to make me

They knew that.

I often saw the same guys again who, talking to each other, introduced me to others. I was a
less and less alone. I greatly appreciated their presence, which warmed my heart.

I went very little in the city, as busy as I was with the debauched life I had

At the request of these men, my door was no longer locked: anyway, there was no way
no more locks. These permanent or occasional guests entered my home at any time from
day or night.

They knew I was always available to them.

I was vibrating with surprise and apprehension when I heard one or more men entering the
a small corridor leading to the only room in my apartment.

When they arrived, they found me naked and didn’t hesitate to paw me and lay me down quite often without saying a word about my
bed still undone.

Some hours were more conducive to visits. The morning was generally quiet.
I was rarely awake.

I slept very late to rest from the madness of the night.

The lunch break was generally lively.

Some men would take sandwiches with them
to come and see me. They didn’t give me time to eat.

Without any hesitation, they quickly came to empty themselves before going back to work.

It was a time when we were not yet talking about AIDS.

The male sexes passed from one orifice to another for my greatest satisfaction. My
holes were spilling sperm.

Men, known or unknown, often found me
lying on the bed when they arrived.

My thigh was sticky, my face, stomach and legs were covered with dry juice.

I’ve often been dragged in the shower with mocking laughter, for
be washed with plenty of water!

Others arrived in groups to make me drink under the pretext that I was then more docile.
We were drinking from the bottle.

When I was drunk, they used to have fun with me. I was a
always ready to do every sexual madness imaginable.

One evening, four of them came together.

One of them, who knew me, had brought three of his knowledge of the Maghreb.

They greeted me sympathetically, their hands following the curves of my body.

A few sips of Scotch later, I was fine. I was moving from one to the other
with pleasure. They were manly and well-membered.

After having emptied themselves well, shortly before midnight, they decided to take me to finish the evening in the
bar of one of their friends.

They chose for me a little dress that I used to wear on my body
covered in scented sperm.

She was molding my breasts and buttocks.

I was no longer used to dressing after living naked for weeks.

When they reached the other end of town, they stopped the vehicle in front of a small bar in the area.
shining. Fortunately, I knew one of my partners well, otherwise I wouldn’t have been

They kept making me drink alcohol from the neck of a bottle they had
taken with them.

I was literally anesthetized.

I was just standing on my legs.

They supported me with one hand under my buttocks, fingers stuck in my ass, to do the few
metres from the front door.

Once inside, I found the smoky atmosphere almost unbreathable.

Three swarthy individuals were chatting down against the counter. The boss, imposing, the
fifty years old, a dubious white towel on our shoulder, had greeted us.

By detailing more closely, he had asked them with a laugh where that bitch came from.

They explained themselves quickly while we were sitting in a corner of the bar.

Clients at tables were not losing a bit of history.

A few more drinks, and I was completely drunk.

One of the sidekicks stood behind me to support me, a hand stuffed in my liquid pussy.

While he was pinching my breasts, he would lower my dress down on my hips.

I was vibrating with pleasure.

I love this moment when I look naked in the middle of the world! With a beautiful ensemble, all the people present approached.

Someone I didn’t see because my eyesight was so disturbed by alcohol, had ripped my dress off.

I was then lying on the sticky oilcloth of a table.

The cock ballet started for my greatest pleasure.

All these men fucked me, fucked me, gave me their
naked to suck, and they all sprayed me with their shit. Five, ten? I wasn’t counting.

I was always coming. It was drunk on sperm and alcohol, that they took me to my
asks the toilet. I had a crazy desire to empty myself.

The hunt is broken,” said the boss who was following us to enjoy the show.

They sat me on the glasses with questionable cleanliness.

There was urine and crumpled paper everywhere.
It was disgusting.

With my stomach under pressure, I let myself go and relieved myself in front of it.

When one of the guys saw me in that position, he grabbed the toilet brush.

while calling me a fat whore, a slut, a slut, a slut and other insults
that I didn’t pay attention to, he had immersed the instrument in the foul-smelling liquid
from the bowl and had passed it along my body, on my breasts, in my neck and on my thighs.

I was dripping with repulsive liquid, and soiled toilet paper was sticking to my skin. He had
quickly plunged the brush back into the infected cloaca and had pressed it violently against my
pussy with wide open lips to jerk off.

At the time, I was screaming in pain.

The brush was burning my already abused sex. Suddenly, I felt the pleasure, to go up in

I had such a pleasure that it burst through my body with such strength that I had lost consciousness.

I don’t know what happened during my fainting.

I came to my senses a few minutes later.

I was lying naked on the sticky ground, completely winnowed and defeated.

I was covered in urine.

Three of them who were still there summarily wiped me up and took me back to my
apartment where I collapsed, totally exhausted.

A fortnight later, I was lying on the table getting fucked up by
men I didn’t know. One of them, deeply down my throat, has
emptied his balls into my mouth and my face.

A few moments later, while I was still enjoying the juice on my lips, the three Maghrebians from the other night that I
recognized, opened the door, a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

Courteously, they greeted the guys who had just finished fucking me and offered to take over.

As I got up to welcome them, still in a trance, I shivered.

Burning sperm was running down my face.

One of these friends wiped the juice with his rough fingers and gave them to me to lick.

I was enjoying myself by sucking my hand obediently while the other two guys were throwing at me
mocking jokes. One of them handed me the bottle of gin, asked me to drink.

He firmly inserted it between my lips.

I swallowed several sips while the other two visited my orifices with their fingers

The alcohol was working.

My head was starting to spin.

They forced me to get up and forced me to go out into the deserted street.

I was completely naked. Their car was parked in front of the door.

They loaded me on board.

In the back seat, resting on the knees of the two companions, my legs were widely spread.

I could feel the sperm flowing gently from my widely dilated slit on the seat fabric.

One man pinched my breasts without softness while the other one savagely grabbed my clit.

I screamed in pain and pleasure.

I was finishing emptying the bottle of alcohol when the car stopped in front of the same bar as the other time.

I was protesting weakly and unconvincingly when they pushed me out of the vehicle.
The freshness of the night and the apprehension of what was going to happen to me made me shiver.

My nipples hardened.

It didn’t escape the driver’s attention, who pointed it out to his friends by saying that they were going to fuck me to death and that it would calm me down and warm me up!

As I pushed myself towards the door, I saw many silhouettes through the curtains of
half-closed fabrics.

I could hear a hubbub of voices and laughter from the crowd
crammed into the bar that worried me, although I’m half unconscious.

Once inside, in the suffocating heat, my entrance made an impression. All of them
heads turned to me, staring at me like I was an alien.

Silence was established.

There were immigrants of all ages there. The three individuals who had me
took me to the bar.

I heard the boss tell them that it took them a long time to get there and that he was getting impatient.
From that moment on, I didn’t have a moment’s respite.

I went from hand to hand.

They kept making me drink until I was more thirsty.

Drunk and dead, I crawled on the floor covered with wax and cigarette ashes.

I would go from one sex to the other, showered with beer and sperm, totally subject to the desires of these men.

Their hands were kneading and pinching all parts of my body without softness.

I was enjoying the pleasure.

I was brought back to my studio in the early morning.

Later, I woke up lying on the floor of the entrance.

I was so sore and irritated that I dragged myself to my bed.

This debauchery of sex, these insane and delightful pleasures lasted from the end of June to mid-August.

After this period of time, I moved and moved to a new region.

Since then, I have kept the pleasure of being exhibited as well as the pleasure of being covered with sperm.


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