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Cuckold Stories Nathalie’s awakening

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I come back for the continuation of my adventures with my wife, few comments on my last story, but some would be curious about the continuation so I’m going for it.
Nathalie and I had resumed a much more sustained sexual activity, + surprises, places + unusual, + discussions to get ideas about our fantasies.
We had started again real foreplay one like the other, I lingered much more on her sex and go down to her anus, she took a taste for all that, to please me but I felt that she missed it. And I was entitled to real fellatio again. I saw again my Nathalie from the beginning, who was giving herself to the fullest, I could feel her excitement, her breasts pointing out and her intimacy waking up more and more.
But we hadn’t tested anything + open to others, exhibitionism, thinking about adding other people, I wanted to see how we would really react.
One evening I ventured to talk about her former classmate again while she was taking care of me.
She was kneeling in front of me in her underwear and I was standing in front of her:

  • Does that situation ring a bell?
    She looked up without understanding and slowed down. I put my hand behind her head to give her a good rhythm.
  • A few months ago, you were playing with a different cock than mine…
    She lowered her eyes because finally we hadn’t really talked about it again, I hadn’t dared and I know she would never have brought it up again for fear of having changed her mind about what she had done.
    -Why you’re embarrassed, I remember you telling me that you missed your cocks and that you were getting all wet that night…
    She continued to suck without reacting.

-Is it hard for you to admit to your husband that you love sucking dick? -Yes.
-You know tonight was special, honey. -I was thinking about you, about us.
-Didn’t you enjoy having his cock in your mouth?
She didn’t want to play my game, but I wanted to keep going.
-I can see you love it, it’s not just to make me happy every time. -I’m not just trying to make you happy.
I knew she was still embarrassed and I wanted to go on to see her reaction. I knew deep down that she was happy that this story was going into oblivion because she was still stuck with all this sexual liberation that we were discussing, despite what she said.
-You told me that he had begged you to continue to suck him off, you went back there not to make a fuss, but you were very happy. He couldn’t have begged you for long. You’d felt and imagined that member for several hours. You were on your knees with your breasts showing. And I’m sure you were also thinking about the fact that someone could open the door and see you pumping it, and you would have made sure you didn’t look like the party crasher. You enjoyed showing off your breasts, using them for arousal.
I ran my hands over her breasts:
-I don’t remember, were your nipples this hard that night? -I don’t remember.
No answer, I stroked them harder with both hands while titillating the tip, I felt her moaning and undulating.
-Yes they were hard, but he didn’t touch them like you do. -I love them.
-I admit it must be too exciting to see you giving a real blowjob to a guy all the way to the end. Have you ever thought about that moment?
-And that turns you on? -Yes…
-Yes, but only because I know you did the right thing, otherwise this stupid act would have cost me my marriage. -Yes, but only because I know you did the right thing.
-Then think back to that moment when you’re on your knees, looking like you’re blowing a guy at a party. You feel that cock in your mouth, it’s really hard, you love it. Your sex is out in the open and the guy’s ecstatic.
Feeling that I’m getting excited thinking about it too she speeds up to get me there fast. Long jets come crashing down on her chest while looking at each other in the eyes.

We both lay down after a good shower.
-Did you mind talking about that night again?
-Yes, because I’m not completely over it yet, but I feel like you’re rethinking it and you like it. I felt your sex swelling.
-Tell me honestly, I know you like to blow me, but you like to suck a lot and that guy last time you really liked it even if it wasn’t me.
-Yeah, I told you, feeling desired, feeling the swollen sex in your mouth, being able to direct the guy’s arousal, getting the guy’s dick hard and pleasing him when we barely know each other.
-Have you ever thought about doing that again?
-No, we hadn’t talked about it. -No, we hadn’t talked about it.
-Your little co-worker you told me about who was hitting on you a little bit… – Oh!
-Just because I did that once doesn’t mean I want to suck off every guy I know. -Yeah, it does.
I was just trying to get her to talk about it so she’d relax and talk freely about those urges.
-When you came over the other time, you would have sucked him off I wouldn’t have said anything, I laughed.
-I would have told me, for sure he would have appreciated it, she said with a smile.

A few weeks later, we had planned to go away for the weekend and the grandparents decided to pick up the children for a rest.
We had planned to go to a campsite in the South.
So as not to waste time, we put down the suitcases, put on the bathing suits and headed for the beach.
I thought she was beautiful, she had regained her figure and was happy to put her size 38 back on.
She had put on a rather thin black panty with no seams on the sides and just a band on her breasts to limit the traces of the swimsuit.
She put herself on the towel to tan and I went for a swim and refresh myself.

I saw parents struggling with their children and I saw a man my age watching them too.
-It’s okay to have a childless weekend once in a while. -Yeah.
-Oh, yeah, tell me about it. -Yeah, tell me about it. Quiet, rest, being able to talk to other people.

He introduced himself, Roman, he was from the area, he was separated from his wife and it was his childless weekend.
He was tall, sporty and liked to come regularly to the beach to stretch out.
We talked for a while and then I told him that I was going to meet my wife, as he was also going in my direction, we went towards her to introduce her.
When I approached her, I was surprised to see that she had tucked her swimsuit in her buttocks and had taken off her headband.
I couldn’t move back and I called her a little before arriving so as not to surprise her too much, she turned around and saw Romain next to me.
Feeling that she couldn’t hide and not wanting to be ridiculous by hiding her breasts, she got up to say hello.
-Hello, I’m Romain, we were talking with your husband and as I was passing by on my way to the parking lot, I didn’t want to be rude and greet you.
-That’s nice, my name is Nathalie.
I felt Romain surprised by my wife’s outfit but acted as if nothing had happened. Nathalie was uncomfortable, and with a reflex gesture she pulled the bathing suit out from between her buttocks.
-Are you from the region?
-Yes, I live close by, I try to keep myself busy during the weekends when I don’t have my children, by coming to the beach. What campground are you at anyway? He asked me.

  • “Le Provençal” just behind.
    -Yes, I know the place. -A very good restaurant.
    -How about having dinner with me tonight? -I suggested it.
    -That’s nice of you, but I don’t want to bother you on your weekend. -No, I don’t want to bother you.
    My wife replied that we were together quite often and that it’s the purpose of traveling and meeting people and that it would be a pleasure.
    So we said goodbye to him to meet him later.

-You could have told me that you were going to come back with someone.
-But I didn’t know that, and since when do you go topless? -Yeah.
-I told you the tan lines were ugly and I wanted to try them on to see if I felt comfortable. -I did. So it was getting longer, but when I saw you coming, I couldn’t do anything but get up, but it was weird.
-Anyway, he seemed respectful because he didn’t say anything and didn’t get stuck on your breasts.
-Why are you already fantasizing? -Why are you already fantasizing?
-There’s nothing premeditated about it, it’s like what you said to me the other day, I don’t think about sex every time we meet someone and I didn’t think they’d come to you.
-Well, he seems nice, so we’ll have a good time tonight. -Well, he seems nice.

We went back to the bungalow the rest of the day and enjoyed each other. When I saw him go to the shower, I couldn’t help it. I took off her panties and sarong since that’s all she had and:
-Your panties are wet… -Your panties are wet…
-I admit that wearing a monokini is better for tanning, but it’s also quite exciting. -I’m not sure what you’re talking about. With the passage of Romain but also I saw several men watching me pass by.
-I’m not going to refuse you to do it again if you’ve had double the satisfaction. -I’m not going to refuse you to do it again if you’ve had double the satisfaction.
-I even had fun getting down on all fours and shaking my towel to shake my breasts and I could see with my sunglasses that the man behind was having a hard time containing his erection. But don’t get excited, honey, it was just a joke,” she said.

I took out my sex that had risen after this explanation by approaching her mouth and continued the discussion:
-He would have taken out his cock and put it straight into your mouth like that, he could see right away that you like to swallow cock.
-Didn’t you want to see the effect you were having on him? -Surely… Let him pull his cock out.
-Yes, it’s always nice to see that you like it and then my panties give you the answer… -Yes, they do…
We continued making love until we got in the shower and then we got ready for the restaurant.

Nathalie was already embarrassed about the beach so she just dressed down so as not to add to it. Tight white top but not neckline, white underwear, skirt half thighs, it’s summer anyway.
Romain found us with a big smile, Nathalie told me he was attractive so I assumed he was still attractive with his soft and classy style, shirt, jean shorts …
We had a good chat, we laughed, we learned that Romain had been separated for more than a year and that he had mostly taken care of his children and his work.
The restaurant was about to close and Nathalie offered him to come to the bungalow to drink a jet before going back home.
I had found Nathalie very nice at that evening and without any hints or glances so I found this proposal to be quite innocent and I encouraged her as well.
Romain didn’t drink a lot of alcohol, especially when he had to drive, so he agreed to a little get.

The bungalow was at the end of an alley and the terrace overlooked the forest surrounding the campsite.
We sat outside to enjoy the coolness of the night.
After a few discussions about the region and other things, our guest went on to say that he had enjoyed meeting us and spending the evening with us.
That our couple seemed united and that reminded him of what he had wished to live with his wife.
-Why did you split up? – asked Nathalie.
-Like many couples, I think, we deal with everyday life, the children, work… No more communication and we got lost and it was too late when we realized it. She’d put herself in the role of mother first and I was no longer part of her plans.
-Yes, that happened to us too, we had some bad times not so long ago, some arguments, some questioning,” Nathalie said.
-You don’t seem to be, you seem to be really good, comfortable together without any fuss. You see earlier, you were topless at the beach, your husband wasn’t shocked that another man saw you. And you were comfortable on the beach in your natural way.
-I confess it was the first time I did it and I hadn’t told Stéphane so you weren’t supposed to see my breasts… -I’m sorry, but…
-I’m sorry, I must have made you uncomfortable. -I’m so sorry.
-I didn’t know about it, but I was happy to see my wife loosening up a little, too, as you said about your wife. I’m proud that she’s with me, of the body she has, I have nothing to be jealous of. Did you think it was weird to see my wife’s breasts the first time you met her?
-It’s not usual, but I liked your wife even more right away,” he said laughing.

-And why didn’t I see any reaction in your swimsuit, because the one next to you didn’t hide it.
I was astonished by Nathalie, but as I felt that she had got on well with Romain, we were limited with long-time friends with whom we regularly drifted on sex.
-That’s why I left quite quickly when I came to you because it’s still difficult not to admire beautiful shapes. He was looking at me to validate that I fit well with them in the discussion because not every husband agrees to joke about these subjects.
-You haven’t done anything for a year and my breasts haven’t done anything to you?
-You see, my wife never let herself go out with people even for fun, she would never have dared to change her habits, to do monokini… to chat with strangers.
-We’re going through the same thing you went through, but we manage to get through it, because we talk to each other, we push each other. You will find someone with whom you can experience all this and much more.

Romain then went back home, and Nathalie told me that she felt really good with Romain that he was a good guy but with what happened at the beach, to have shown her breasts, the guy and his erection, she wanted to have fun with Romain because the day had excited her.
Of course we made love again and I told her that the next day on the beach I wanted her to start her game again with the other men but going alone and watching what happens from the sea.
She told me ok, I felt that she was intrigued also because she had felt too and wanted to see and get to know herself in her situations.

The next day, panties with a glass of water, and sarong with her bare breasts. I moved further away.
She put sunscreen on her thighs, stomach, breasts… she saw 2 men looking at her. And she started some poses in their directions to attract their attention even more, one of them brought his towel closer to see better. She had seen him well, she remained soft but the guy didn’t lose a drop and you could see that he appreciated what he saw.

After a while Nathalie came to join me in the water, she told me that it was really appreciable and that it was a good thing to see him.

Romain arrived, the evening went very well, I felt that Romain had difficulty not looking at Nathalie when she moved and made her breasts visible on purpose.
-By the way, when I was running I saw you two not getting together on the beach, I hope you weren’t fighting.
-I’m comfortable talking with you, so as I told you yesterday it was the first time I showed my breasts and I liked it and even got excited so I wanted to try again today to see and Stephane was looking just in case.
-And then you liked it?
-Yes a lot, it gives me back my self-confidence, I dare to show off.
-I saw that when you came in you’re comfortable tonight. -I’m comfortable tonight.
-Yes, I like it, because I feel you both looking at me, it’s nice.
-Go to the end of things darling then, as you get to know yourself as you told me, make yourself comfortable like at the beach and you’ll see how you feel.
-Roman doesn’t necessarily want to see more.
-You’re very attractive Nathalie why wouldn’t I want to see more of you.
-Okay, I’m out of here.

Nathalie got up and took off her top, not in striptease mode, but just like that to let loose and without thinking.
-You weren’t in shorts that afternoon, honey. -You weren’t in shorts that afternoon, honey.
-Honey, I just have a thong on underneath. -No, I don’t have a thong on underneath.
-This shouldn’t bother Romain, we’ll go inside if you want. -No, it’s okay.
-Yes, I’d prefer that. -Yes, I would. And she walked past and started pulling her shorts down and showing Romain her domed butt.
-We sat down and looked at her, but I didn’t feel comfortable being watched.
-Romain, I don’t feel comfortable with her, don’t mind if we undress too, aren’t you modest?
-No worries, but the show is really unexpected and beautiful…
-Take off your Roman shorts too, otherwise she won’t feel comfortable. -No worries, but the show is really unexpected and beautiful…

Romain pulled down his shorts with his sex already well established and Nathalie had her eyes riveted on them.
-Honey, do you like it? If you want to see more, you have to show us everything.
-Yes, I’m reassured. I had the impression I hadn’t had any effect on her since the first day.
She turned around and bent down in her thong. The situation was for me unlikely and what made it more exciting was that things went at their own pace without being premeditated. Nathalie was letting loose, she was fine, we liked Romain, everything was going well.
-You okay, honey? -Yeah.
-Several things excite me: I am naked in front of you and I can feel your eyes, I see your cock standing up so I can feel that you like it all and I have a second cock in front of me in + which I’m giving a bcp of effect.
-Come closer darling, to increase your excitement, come and enjoy, do what you want.

I could see her moving slowly but I didn’t know what to do, how to react, so I approached her and went behind her, I grabbed her tits to caress them in front of Romain.
-Take her sex in your hands, enjoy it, you want to.
-Yes, I like it, honey, much better than on the beach. -Yeah, I like it.
She started by stroking her stem, her balls, then started to move back and forth between her hands. I spread her legs to put my hand from behind to her clitoris, I felt a warmth and my hand very wet…
-Seeing how wet you are, you really want to come down… -I don’t know…
-Yes, both of you stand in front of me, I want to… -Let go.

She knelt down in front of us and began to lick Roman’s acorn and then take it in her mouth, then she passed over me and this continued for a few minutes, alternating between the two of us, we each caressed one breast, she moaned but did not want to stop.

I took myself off to get under her, she impaled herself, my sex went in by itself. She continued to work on her second cock of the evening.
Knowing her, she wanted to do the maximum and wanted to make him come at all costs, she kept on using her tongues, she put the maximum in her mouth.
He ended up coming on her tits, I continued to caress her clit and activate myself in her sex, and she moaned with pleasure while continuing to masturbate Roman.

I let Nathalie get herself together, I took Romain aside and explained to her that it was the first time for her and in order not to be embarrassed, I preferred him to leave, which he completely understood.

I went back to see Nathalie, I put him on all fours and took him doggy-style, spreading his buttocks as I like.
I told her to tell me what she liked tonight to turn me on…
-I loved being naked in front of you two. -I loved being naked in front of you two. I loved being able to have fun with someone else with you this time.
-Me who loves to suck, as you know, I loved having two of my own. -You know that. He was so hard, he must have been happy with the way the evening turned out.
-I loved to feel his cock swell up in my mouth and feel his cum on my tits. -I loved to feel his cum on my tits.
It hasn’t taken me much since all we’ve done to enjoy her by listening to her and remembering everything I’ve seen tonight.


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