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Cuckold Stories My wife is eager for sex

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My wife Lise is a sex addict, but I’m more of a peeping Tom.

With my agreement, she goes in search of lovers in the nearby park every time she wants to.

The early afternoon is hot, Lise, dressed lightly, walks the paths of the park in search of new prey.

She notices, sitting on a bench, a couple of a certain age, he looks at a magazine, she smokes a cigarette.

Lise sits on the bench across the street, pretending to look for something in her purse.

She keeps crossing and straightening her long legs, which has the effect of raising her short skirt to the top of her thighs.

Maliciously, Lise straightens her legs and spreads them slowly while spying on the couple. The woman elbows her partner, he raises his head and looks over his review at the superb legs of the newcomer.

Lise, satisfied with the duo’s reaction, spreads her legs further.

The couple now has perfect vision, they can even see Lise’s shaved slit, the man clears his throat and opens his eyes, the woman cannot take her eyes off the widely open thighs.

Without shame, Lise puts her hand on her pussy and caresses herself by staring at the couple, the woman mumbles, the man smiles at her.

Lise raises and lowers her fingers many times on her hairless slit, with one hand, she spreads the labia majora and with the agile fingers of the other, rubs her clit, quickly, she begins to whine, the couple a little excited gets up and approaches.

The woman squats down in front of Lise and takes her hand.

She smiles while accompanying him in his masturbation movements.

Lise stops jerking off, the woman – quickly – pushes two fingers into the hot sheath and sweeps her off her feet, the man does not remain inactive, through the bodice, he massages her breasts.

Lise purrs like a pussy, she’s about to come.

But at the sight of walkers, the trio stops touching, Lise adjusts and suggests to the couple to follow her.

Both, without any hesitation, accept.

When she arrived at her destination, Lise introduced her husband Paul to the couple, he invited them to have a drink in the living room, the talks between them lasted a short while, other drinks were poured.

Finally, Lise proposes to take them to the bathroom, they come out after a few ablutions, completely naked.

Meanwhile, Paul has cleared the coffee table and sat in a comfortable chair, Lise lies down and invites the woman to lick it.

The woman, delighted, kneels between her open thighs, and begins to make her tongue travel over the blistered slit.

The lingual appendage sinks into the sheath and digs deep, Lise begins to moan.

The man masturbates, advances to Lise and offers her his limb to suck.

The gourmet grabs it and swallows the purplish glans, her tongue works wonders on the boletus, the man grumbles while stroking the breasts of the sucker.

As for the woman, she takes the pearl of love out of her box and sucks it in strongly, Lise jumps under the force of suction, the woman eagerly sucks the button which has doubled in volume.

Lise whines, she attacks the stiff dick. Man is on the verge of explosion, grumbling like an animal.

He stiffens and sends several spurts of semen into Lise’s voracious mouth, where she swallows the seed to the last drop.

Paul took his dick out of his pants and jerks it off wildly, he squeezes it so tight that you might think he wants to strangle it, he whines every time his wrist comes down on his blood-soaked tail.

Reads undulates the pelvis under the nimble fingers of the woman who searches her pussy with three fingers, she sweeps it intensely, Lise shouts and squirts her cyprine, the woman speeds up the sweeping, Lise squirts more by squeaking her teeth.

The woman moves away, and gives way to her partner who pushes his dick up to his balls in the soaked sheath.

Lise moans with each blow of the bulldozer, the comings and goings are faster and faster, the cock slides easily into the naturally lubricated sheath.

Read this cabre and shouts for pleasure, she drowns her fucker’s balls with her abundant cyprine.

The man withdraws from the crater in full irruption, he gently masturbates, he asks Paul to lie down on the ground.

Paul complies, he lies on the ground, his dick and stretched as never before.

Lise understood, she gets off the table, steps over her husband and grabs his dick, she directs her towards her wet pussy, she slowly descends on her husband’s wide and thick tail that sinks into her.

Suddenly, she drops all her weight so that the impalement is total.

Paul puts it on her chest.

In this position, Lise offers her anus to her one-day-old lover, he puts his dick against the brown puck and holds it against, with one hand with the other hand, he clings to his hips.

He pushes hard, the wrinkled ring gives way and slowly swallows the palate of flesh, the penetration makes Lise roar, she clenches her teeth, her mouth is deformed by a horrible grin.

The man only stops pushing when his balls hit the submissive’s buttocks.

The two tails are separated only by a thin wall, Lise has the impression that they are in the same orifice.

Alternately, the two pistons drill it, the tails enter and exit at a rate that increases as Lise’s moans become louder and louder.

The high and terrible, Lise pushes rales of wounded beasts, the woman has grabbed Lise’s nipples, and rolls them between her fingers, she presses them more or less hard depending on the moans she pushes.

Lise screams terribly, her jouissance is so strong that her cyprine splashes powerfully, her head swings from left to right, her eyes are repulsed.

The woman crushes the thick nipple planted in the center of the brown areolas, which makes her enjoy more.

The two men, almost together, unload their gooey seed into the bowels of the submissive woman who never stops enjoying.

Her body is shaken by violent spasms, multiple orgasms make her delirious.

Lise bites Paul’s shoulder so much the pleasures are strong.

Finally, the fucker withdraws from the body trembling with spasm, Lise drops to the side, Paul congratulates his wife on the accomplished performance.


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