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Cuckold Stories My husband offers me to other males

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franck had been neglecting me for some time. He was no longer as assiduous in bed as he was in our first years together, which were ten years ago.

He was a masseur in a spa where I was doing a summer job. It had been love at first sight. It must be said that it is a giant of almost two meters, strong and blond with blue eyes.

I had gone crazy from the first day.

I had a small room in the attic. At night, alone, I thought of him. Suddenly there was a knock. I opened the door and it was him. In fact, he had followed me but had hesitated for a long time before coming…

He had only had time to say hello… I let him in and immediately, as I was already in my bathrobe, I opened it.

“Oh, yeah, direct?” he said.

– I know it’s not romantic, but I just want you. You are so hot!

He had opened his fly. He wasn’t wearing underwear. Her sex was very big. I had plenty of time to measure its harmony later, 17 by 17 in circumference. It bandaged at a 90° angle with the very hairy pubis and rose very slightly at the end of the shaft towards the huge, round, flat glans.

I immediately sucked the big knot and then he put me on the bed and without foreplay put me on. He had fucked me as a missionary. By the time he came, he had withdrawn and lay on his back. I quickly put myself above his face so that he could eat my parting while I finished it by hand.

He ejaculated like a bull. It was a sperm fountain. The geyser went up very high splashing my breasts, falling back into a heavy rain on my thighs, hair, pine.

We had nothing else to say. We were lovers from the first day. When the holidays were over, he joined me in the Paris suburbs where we took up residence immediately after our wedding.

For the first few years, sex was on the menu every day and even several times a day.

In the evening it was long hot sessions where he was very enduring; sometimes in the morning, when I was naked in the bathroom, he would take me from behind while I stood at the sink and quickly fucked me. I used to use my fingers on the clit to come at the same time as him. It lasted five minutes and in the evening he would pick me up more slowly and in all positions. When I had my period, he used to take me in the ass.

In short, we had a very fulfilling sex life.

But in recent months he had been much less demanding. I asked him if there was another woman. He replied, “No, Lydia, don’t worry, it’s just a little tired.

But this fatigue lasted far too long for my taste. I suspected a mistress, a double life, what else do I know…

It was a Saturday evening when everything settled down.

Usually we would go out, to the movies, to friends’ houses, to restaurants… but that night I really wanted to get caught. He had hardly fucked me all week and I was missing. So I had used the pretext of bad weather (it was raining ropes) and a ton of laundry to iron to stay at the apartment. After dinner, I undressed and put on my most transparent and shortest babydoll, without any underwear to excite my husband. Then I moved into our little living room, and started working. Franck had sat in front of me on the couch, and he had opened the computer to watch a first league football game. For the moment, the subterfuge was not working. In the past, just to see me so poorly dressed, he would have thrown himself at me and fucked me for a long time….

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

“Are you waiting for someone”?

– No? No? What about you?

– No. No. Are you going to see my darling?

– I’m going to go.

Frank got up, left the living room and opened the door. I heard the conversation. It was Sébastien, our young student neighbour who rented the small studio across the street and with whom we had a little sympathy.

“Hi, Frank, I’m not disturbing you”?

– No. No.

– Can you do me a favor? I have a leak under my sink. You’d have some stuff to lend me.

– Don’t worry about it. I’ll get my toolbox and I’m yours. Do you follow football?

– Yeah, but on the radio.

– Okay, that’s fine with me…. Honey? Did you hear that? I’m going to Sebastian’s.

– OK.

After a few minutes, as I was tired of hearing the football comments, I chose to go on the computer to play music.

The game was running full screen and I had to reduce it to access my application. It was then that I noticed that another window was open. It said: “gang bang bang creampie”.

I opened the door.

I came across a page from a famous porn site where a movie was in full swing. The little bastard! He was listening to the game while watching a movie of balls whose sound he had muted.

I wasn’t a porn fan myself, it’s really more of a guy thing. It didn’t matter to me that Franck was watching it even if it was a surprise because I didn’t suspect it. What upset me was that he would rather watch X than fuck me.

The girl in the picture was getting caught as a missionary. Moreover, she had a dick in each hand and one in her mouth. Her big boobs were covered with sperm and she also had sperm on her face and pussy hair. After a few seconds, the guy she was sucking on emptied her balls on her.

I did not go any further. I understood the principle. I choose to explore the site.

At the top of the page on the left was my husband’s avatar. It was just a picture of me, without my face, naked, lying down, legs wide apart and tits covered in jute. I remembered that a few months ago, after a hot session, he took his phone and photographed me by surprise. I asked him to delete it…

I looked at his playlists: “Gang bang, sharing my wife, pregnant women…”

As the plumbing troubleshooting was taking place at Sébastien’s, I started reading the comments he had posted on the ass movies where women were disgusted by their husbands’ friends: “I’d like to offer my wife like that… It’s my fantasy…. If I could do the same thing…”. The comments were the same with gang bangs: “it makes me have a serious hard-on… I’d like my wife to get caught by friends or strangers…”. In short, each scene was matched by this type of expression where I was put forward.

He had also established dialogues with other Internet users. One asked him, “You don’t want to come and fuck my wife with other friends?” Which he replied, “No, I don’t care. What I would like is not to fuck another woman, but for my wife to be fucked by others.

The guy would say, “I’m open to come and fuck your wife.”

– It’s not going to be possible.

– Why? Why?

– I never talked to him about it.

– Is it stuck?

– No, but I never dared.

– And that’s a good fuck?

– Ah, damn, a great deal in bed. The guys wouldn’t regret it, I assure you.

– Is it really good?

– All the way!

– Damn, too bad…. If one day you can throw it, tell me, I’m coming…

There were many other comments. There he admitted this fantasy of me being taken by other men. He said that it had become such an obsession to watch me come and make another man come that it had affected his libido. On the other hand, he had always refused all proposals to go jump hotasses. He said that he would remain faithful to me because he loved me madly but that he just wanted to have this type of exchange with others, either by watching or by participating.

I was there, reassured by the fact that there wasn’t another chick when he came back.

“Here, you’re watching football”?

– No, I’m looking at your comments on your ass site.

He kept quiet. He seemed very embarrassed.

I asked him, “You have nothing to say to me”?

– Look… it’s just ass movies… Nothing wrong….. does that shock you?

– No… actually, it’s your comments. Are your fantasies serious?

– Well, you know… I write it like that… it’s just a joke.

– Don’t fuck with me! You say it paralyzes you when you make love to me because you make that kind of plan in your head and it prevents you from concentrating… and you make love to me less, as you say… It’s not so much bullshit as it is. Are you serious?

– Yeah, average… it’s true that I think about it…

– How come you never told me about this?

– Of what? Of what?

– Your fantasies. Why didn’t you ever tell me you’d like to see me taken by another guy?

– How do you mean that… I was afraid you’d think I was a fat pig… First of all, I care about you. I don’t want to lose you for ass stuff.

– Yes, but in the meantime, we fuck less and I pause questions…

– I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

– Would you really like to see me have sex with someone else?

– Well… I think about it… actually, I don’t know if it would make me jealous or if it would turn me on. When I take you in a doggy style for example and caress your breasts, I always regret not seeing the scene, your face when you come, your body moving under me…

– There is the mirror.

– That’s true, but you can’t see everything and climbing you prevents me from focusing on your reactions. That is what I would like to see. I would like to watch you do it, see you with a dick in your mouth, one in your ass, see the dick dripping on you… you are so beautiful when you make love that I can’t enjoy everything when I practice myself.

– Do you really want to try?

– Would you do that?

– It depends, you’d have to select the guys, but I’ll try it once.

– Really?…. oh, you’re so cool. We’re gonna fucking organize this.

– We’d better hurry… as long as I agree. I don’t know if I’m not going to go back on my choice.

– Yeah, okay, okay, okay… wait, let’s see if a guy’s available sometime.

– Don’t you have anyone right now?

– Now?… oh, man, that would be so cool.

He looked among all his contacts. But either the guys weren’t connected, or they were too far away, or they weren’t available. Frank was starting to despair.

“Shit, that’s not possible… none of these bastards are available”!

– And among your friends….

– Right now, at the last minute, it’s gonna be hard.

– What about Sebastian?

– Sebastian?

– Yes, the neighbor. He’s good-looking, he’s nice… it could do it.

– Yeah, yeah… not stupid… but is he gonna want to?

– If we don’t ask him…. What was he doing there when he asked you to fix his leak?

– I think he was working.

– You go get him. You bring him back. You explain it to him. If he resists seeing me naked….

– Okay, okay… I’m going?

– Get out of here. I’m waiting for you… leave the doors open so I can hear you.

Frank went out. I put myself in the hall. I heard the doorbell at the door opposite. We were on our way, it was no longer possible to go back. If the sexy young neighbour accepted our proposal, in a few minutes I will find myself having sex with another man in front of my husband… This thought excited me… It absolutely had to work and I decided to put all my assets in the balance to defeat the young male if he resisted…


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