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Cuckold Stories Jules fills my wife with her sperm

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It was the stage I was most looking forward to, yet the one I feared the most. Seeing another man sink into Aurelie naked sex. Seeing him contract and squirt his sperm inside her.

Of course, I couldn’t take the slightest risk. Jules being now her most faithful lover, we developed a real trust with him. There’s no way we’re going to go through this with anyone else.

We have known each other for several months and have been able to judge his seriousness. It is without problem that he agrees to come with us to take a blood test. The results come quickly. Everything is fine. Appointment is given the following Friday evening.

Back to a configuration somewhat similar to that of our first evenings. Aurélie has made herself beautiful.

Stockings, heels and lipstick. I’m more stressed than usual. Her? Doesn’t look like it.

He rings the bell, she opens the door, he kisses her and comes in. We shake hands, exchange pleasantries.

As usual, the table is set for a small aperitif. But the program changes immediately.

No sooner has he said hello to me than he comes back to Aurelia. He strokes her shoulder and looks at me.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’d like to go straight to dessert,” he says.

Aurelie says nothing but follows him when he takes her hand and leads her to the room. As soon as he walks through the door, he pushes her onto the bed. He raises her skirt and starts to devour her pussy. This is the scene I observe as I walk through the door.

“- Hey cuckold, look at my fingers in your wife’s pussy. And that’s just the beginning.
So you want to smell my cock, you little bitch?

  • Yes, I want to feel you come inside me.”

He gets up and takes off his shirt, then his pants. They’ve never gone this fast before. I’m standing next to them and I see his cock already stiff. He gets up on the bed and stands in front of Aurelie like a missionary. I move around to get an ideal angle of view.

My belly is in a knot. He puts his glans on his little lips and rubs gently.

“Oh, fuck, she’s so soft. Spread your lips for me, baby.”

I see my wife opening her pussy with both hands. Her dick is now squeezing. So he doesn’t have a condom. His lips are open. That’s it, he’s sinking slowly.


She’s having the time of her life, but I feel like I’m taking off as well. My sex is harder than ever.

He fucks her without a condom. It goes back and forth to get deeper and deeper into her. She’s having the time of her life.

“How sweet is her pussy. And so tight. I don’t know if you’ll see her again soon, because I plan to enjoy it often.”

After a few minutes, he’s at full throttle. He takes it harder and harder. He’s got her legs up and he’s going deep.

The inevitable happens: she has a beautiful orgasm.

Immediately, Jules withdraws and lies down next to her.

“Come taste your wet on my dick,” she tells him.

As usual now, she follows his orders.

On all fours on the bed, she moves her tongue up along her limb and then takes her glans in her mouth. He encourages her and then orders her:

“Come impale yourself on me now.”

She climbs up on him and kisses him full mouth, I stand behind them to see her hand grabbing his cock and putting it in the entrance of her pussy.

She’s the one pushing it in. But he grabs her buttocks to block her, and starts to file her like crazy.

“How do you like the cuckold?!”

Sometimes he pulls back a little to show me my wife’s gaping sex. Then he gets back inside her for a few quick comings and goings. And so on and so forth.

I’m hypnotized. She’s never been possessed by another so much before me. Between the excitement and a hint of jealousy, accentuated by her screams at each acceleration, I feel as if my legs are going to give way and I’m going to fall apart.

And it’s not going to get any better.

“Fuck my dick now. Stir it like you know how,” Jules orders.

Then I see Aurelie’s ass wiggling all over him. It’s almost like a twinkie! I see Jules’ sex tight inside her appearing and disappearing.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, keep going, you’re going to make me come, you little slut!

  • Go ahead, I want to feel you come,” my wife replies.
  • Oh yes, yes!”

Jules grabbed Aurelie’s hips and pressed them against him shouting with pleasure. I can see him raising his buttocks, contracting to go deep. Once, twice, three times.

He comes inside her like a madman, then relaxes.

She falls down on his chest and kisses him again. His cock is still inside her. Then Aurelie withdraws and lies down beside him. I can’t help but stare at her pussy. She’s glistening, but no sperm dripping out.

I’m almost disappointed. And he sees it.

“Don’t worry, cuckold. I’ll fuck him all over the place next time.”

A promise he’ll more than keep.


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