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Cuckold Stories Faithful woman to take

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This story may be the fantasy of many men, but it is lived.

Married for several years and mother of two little girls, my wife, a little swarthy woman 165 centimetres, 50 kilos from North Africa.

Loving compliments and always waiting for the slightest glance from a man in admiration of his forms.

Not badly made, I must admit, buttock rounded and attractive shapes, especially with the golden color of his skin.

At that time, we were residing in the Middle East, because I had had the opportunity to get a position as a director for an international company.

Housewife with a nanny, pool and driver, a dream come true.

A husband who travels very often means total freedom for her.

She never hid anything from me and often explained her desires and fantasies to me.

She liked to chat on the Internet on dating sites, in this country, there is no shortage of single men. Posing as a single woman looking for a male, she had fun chatting by email and also by phone with these horny males who, after a few discussions, managed to get my wife naked, going as far as masturbation.

Her hidden face, she let appear on the video the parts of her intimacy and took advantage of this situation. Not being too jealous, because I knew my wife’s boundaries. In the evening very often after one of these calls, we discussed what she had felt, she explained to me the pleasure she had had and how the man on the other side was cheered up and the way he talked to her.

My wife always likes to wear very tight jeans, revealing the shape of her body and especially that of her little treasure (Camel toes). Looking at this part already made me feel hard, often a desire to taste and touch went through my head. So imagining that others can enjoy the sight of this little treasure made me even more excited.

For some time now, our driver, a Sri Lankan of about thirty, not bad of his kind, he lived at our home, was always more and more present when my wife went out with the girls and the nanny, even around our home, we lived in a compound (residence under surveillance by the security forces).

When I came back from work, my wife shared her impressions and feelings with me, she explained to me that her eyes were often focused on her, it didn’t bother her too much to see that another man admired her. The surprise was when she told me that she had seen the shape of her jeans change, a predominant hardness appear in the driver’s crotch.

From day to day, he changed, coming with gifts, cakes, juice for the girls, etc.

Every time I came back, my wife would talk to me and explain things to me, looking at her in her tight jeans, I could imagine what our driver was thinking, he who had perhaps never done the thing and to see an attractive body like that could only put it in heat.

During our discussions with my wife, I confirmed to her that she was very attractive and that our driver’s desire was carried on her little treasure, by placing my hand in this warm place, I tell him, he wants you. Surprised to see that even wetness could pass through the jeans.

My wife was wet and immediately reacted to my caress with a long kiss. My hand slipped gently into the jeans to touch her thong, whaaaaaa it wasn’t wet, but totally wet, her thong stuck to her wet sex.

I decided to take her to our room, see more closely how warm my wife was, as soon as she entered, she laid her hand on my limb through my pants and kissed me in the mouth. My hand slipped into her jeans to feel the moisture of her sex again, after several movements that excited my wife, I slowly removed her jeans to let appear this sticky thong and tightening the shape of her sex.

I could see that this wetness was not so new. A strong smell of sex perfumed our room. My wife was really excited, letting my fingers come and go in her treasure to purge this liquid that kept flowing.

Lying on the bed, spreading her legs to let my head slide and taste this pungent juice, but so exciting, the smell made me become really hard and the excitement had reached the top.

My wife decided to make a sweetness as she says, to make me shine the glans by a beautiful fellatio, after a few minutes of polishing, I present myself at the entrance of this wet and flowing cave of wetness and slowly, begins the penetration centimeter by centimeter, my wife moaned while pushing me deeper into it. Her legs were shaking and her breath was getting stronger, she was biting my earlobe and whispering to me, I love your sex in me. Close to ecstasy and explosion, she moaned more and more until she began to tremble strongly. When I retired, I could see my penis covered with a white cream, its enjoyment covered my sex.

Heading towards her mouth to let me melt in her, neither one nor two, she grabbed my stick and started sucking me harder and harder and deeper until I released my juice into her mouth, not a drop appeared outside, she swallowed all the hot liquid I had just discharged.

After that little sex, we discussed what was on my mind with my wife, our little driver.

How can I not let him believe that if I offered him my wife, she was still mine and not under his control.

We were talking about how we were going to prepare our little strategy, I had to go talk to him and clear things up to avoid any misinterpretation. As for my wife, she will be in our room and waiting for us to come.

The next morning, I took my courage in both hands and decided to talk to our driver, I had decided to talk openly with him and make things very clear with him.

He was a little surprised at the beginning of our conversation when I told him openly that we had noticed that his eyes were still on my wife, the embarrassment made her face blush and her voice trembled a little, but after a while after reassuring him, he explained to me that the fact that my wife was still wearing sexy tight jeans, all the shapes of her body excited him enormously and that often he fantasized with her.

Friday evening would be the fateful day, he had understood what we wanted and what we did not want.

Friday arrived, my wife was very nervous and often called me during the day to ask me if I was going to have any regrets. Although a little concerned about this situation, I reassured her and told her that if she never does things behind my back, there will be no problem for me.

For some time now, my wife has been in the bathroom to get a little beauty, hair removal, makeup and perfume.

I had suggested that he wear one of the jeans that really made his body look good and showed the shape of his treasure.

Meanwhile, our visitor was sitting in the living room discussing everything and nothing, but I could already see the shape of his pants changing, he was already getting tough.

I was already thinking about what we were going to do beyond that door, I’m sure my wife was very excited too.

Time passed and the fateful hour arrived, we entered the room, my wife was sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for us to come.

With a nod, I waved to my wife to stand up and come to us, I could admire the shape of her treasure through her tight jeans.

She approached me and started kissing me with all her energy, while my wife approached her hand on our visitor’s deformed jeans and touched him over them, we could see more and more that our driver was very hot, without saying anything, he approached his hand and put it on my wife’s treasure, after a while, my wife’s kisses became jerky.

I could feel that this hand on his treasure was making him lose his mind.

She turned around and kissed our visitor ferociously for several minutes.

Suddenly, she started unbuttoning our visitor’s jeans and showed a brown limb with a pink tip that was not very big, but very hard and straight. My wife approached his mouth and began to grab him all the way along, our driver began to let out little moans with each comings and goings of my wife. After a few minutes of oral sex, she turned around and started to take off my jeans to remove my penis as hard as a brush handle and sucked me very, very hard.

Meanwhile, our visitor was busy trying to unbutton my wife’s tight jeans, suddenly I felt a bite on my penis, my wife had reacted to a few things, our visitor’s fingers had arrived at the entrance of this small wet cave and were beginning a small penetration. We could hear the sound of my wife’s wetness under the movements of this hand. My wife’s breath was getting stronger.

I had my wife lie on the bed while removing the remains of her clothes, revealing her pretty chest hardened by pleasure and envy.

With a gesture, I signaled to the visitor to taste this pretty damp cave and not one or two, he slipped his head in and started tasting, with each blow of his tongue, my wife’s stomach contracted and her legs became stiff. With one hand, my wife masturbated me and with the other hand placed a piece of blanket on her mouth to reduce moaning.

I could see our visitor’s fingers searching this cave and a tongue moving on the clitoris, suddenly I saw my wife’s body stiffen, a liquid flowing out of this treasure, her eyes turned, her face changed, her lips pinched, she had just come with another.

She looked at me and said baby I just came.

Our visitor looked at me as if to ask me a question, with a nod, I confirm to him that yes, he can go, slowly, he got up and stood at the entrance of this small wet cave and touched with his limb the outer wall of my wife’s vagina entering slowly. My wife looking at me and telling me baby he is in me, tell him not to come inside, what I did and asked him to withdraw if he came and that my wife’s mouth was ready to welcome his seed.

Every time I came and went, my wife moaned and let her body react, like shakes, she trembled and her buttocks rose from the bed. Then I asked him to turn around so that this little rod could fill his treasure, I saw our visitor putting all his heart into it, the sound of his purses on my wife’s buttocks was louder and louder and faster, my wife’s head in her pillow moaned and trembled with all her body, she had just come again.

With my eyes, I ask our visitor to withdraw, because I wanted to take his place, without arguing, he was moving towards my wife’s mouth for polishing.

I could feel that my wife was very wet and tight because of the contractions and the orgasm.

Our visitor was always busy in my wife’s mouth, but he was not very far from unloading, with my rhythm, my wife biting the member of our visitor and suddenly he was moaning and letting his cock flow deep into my wife’s mouth, she swallowed without saying anything and then told me that there was a huge amount and that he was very acrid.

In my turn, following this excitement, I moved towards my wife’s mouth and let myself melt too. Probably in smaller quantities than him, because we have sex every day.

My wife was really satisfied with our experience and once a month we would do it again, but always in my presence, never behind my back.

I always like to see my wife dressed in tight jeans showing the attractive shape of her body and especially her little treasure.

Our next story, which will always be real, will be my wife’s experience on the Internet.


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