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Cuckold Stories Evening Return

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The month of June was finally here with the first real hot days, the aperitifs on the terrace and the final storage of winter clothes.
Phanie, my darling, as usual, was on a Friday night aperitif trip with her former colleagues. It was almost a tradition, which if she deprived me of her one evening a week, was for her an important moment of sharing and decompression.

When she had left our house in the morning, I found her as usual, very pretty with her little flowing skirt that reached halfway up her thighs, her little matching blue top and a denim jacket. She wore heels that highlighted the curve of her legs.
After my day at work I went home happy to enjoy the beginning of the weekend. Phanie sent me a text message to tell me that she was also leaving work to join her friends in a café in Montorgueil. I told her that I was looking forward to meeting her tonight and that I really wanted her. She replied with a smiley face and added that I would just have to wait and see.

Later in the evening, I was checking up on her. The envy of her body, her smell, the return of the beautiful days helping me I felt authorized to ask her if she could take off her panties before going home. We both love these little erotic games. She answered me later that she would try to think about it.

Time passed and it was now 12:30 when I got a call from Phanie. Her voice was quivering and uncertain and I quickly realized that she had had too much to drink. She told me that she hadn’t eaten enough, confirmed that she had drunk too much and that she was 10 minutes walk home. But she added that she couldn’t go any further, that her legs couldn’t carry her and asked me to come and get her. After having understood, not without difficulty, the place where she was, I asked her to wait for me.

I walked down the four floors of our building and hurried to meet her. From a distance and in spite of the darkness, I could see her sitting on a storefront. When I reached her height, she looked up, smiled at me and said she was happy to see me. I helped her get up and understood that she was really drunk. Her legs were slipping away under her weight, which was light, and I had a hard time getting her to move forward. I put my arm around her waist and tried to move her forward. I was beginning to wonder how long it would take us to get back up to the house and especially how long it would take us to climb the four floors of the building.

We had walked a hundred meters and I could feel Phanie letting herself go more and more. Keeping her on her feet was becoming difficult. Going up the rue du Faubourg Poissonnière we passed a man who was sitting on the entrance steps of a building. He was of mixed race, about 55 years old, with grey hair. His attire suggested that he was not homeless, but he seemed a bit greedy himself.

It must have seemed incongruous to him, as he watched us come to meet him, looking amused. I stopped a few meters before him to regain my strength. Carrying Phanie was really exhausting. He said to me, “Well, she drank too much of your sweetheart? Don’t let her drink like that…” and he punctuated his sentence with a slightly fat laugh. He was obviously not himself very fresh anymore. I answered him with a smile. He added, “A pretty girl like that, no, but…” Obviously, the man was still able to observe.

It was a funny situation and I saw an opportunity to have a little fun. Phanie was always leaning, slumped I should say, on me. I lifted her up again but this time I put my hand under her buttocks so that her skirt came up. Thus we passed in front of the man who was sitting and had a perfect view of my darling’s buttocks.

When we passed in front of him, he said to me, “Hey, watch out, you can see the lady’s buttocks. I turned my head and smiled at him. I even took advantage of it, while we passed him to stop, pretending to support her better and placed my hand against her buttocks to raise her skirt a little more. There I realized that Phanie had surprised me, as I had asked her, to take off her panties.

In spite of his condition, the man noticed it and said to me, “You let your wife go out without her panties on, her little ass looking out? ” And he laughed more beautifully. I felt obliged to answer him that she had surprised me.

“I can even see her little pussy,” he adds. Indeed, he probably had a perfect back view of her beautiful sex, being seated. I was a little embarrassed but at the same time very excited by the situation. “Wait, I’ll help you,” he said, “Do you live far away? “I told him we lived about a hundred yards away. Normally I would have refused the help of a guy in his condition but I was already exhausted from almost carrying Phanie over such a long distance and there were still the 4 floors to climb on foot.

The man approached us and took Phanie under his arms. I suddenly felt her lighter. As the man was taller than me, I suggested that he take Phanie under his arms and he took her by the waist. He did so, but I saw that he then placed his hand under my darling’s buttocks over the skirt.

I didn’t say anything and continued to move forward. Even with two people it was difficult to carry her, so amorphous was she. We stopped every two meters to regain our strength. At one moment I looked where the man’s hand was resting and saw that he had placed it under the skirt. He had his hand on his buttocks now. I was surprised but also very excited to imagine where his fingers had landed. We finally arrived in front of the building. I dialed the code and opened the door. At that very moment, I could not see myself going up all four floors and told the man. I was a little reluctant to take him to the front of our apartment, but he was a great help.

He told me that it was no problem and added that it was not every day that he could wear such a pretty lady.

We began to climb the stairs with great difficulty. We were looking for a way to carry Phanie together and decided that I would take her under my arms and he would take her by the legs. I was aware that in this position the man had a direct view of the sex of my love. I also noticed that he did not deprive himself and that his gaze was now fixed on his crotch. It was he who remarked to me, “Your wife is shaved, it makes you want to. His voice was accusing him of being drunk. I did not answer. When we arrived on the second floor, we put Phanie down to regain our strength.

When we left, I decided to change direction to face the stairs. When I turned around, the man had taken Phanie not by her legs but by the bottom of her buttocks, so that I saw her big black hands surrounding my darling’s little ass, but above all that her index and middle fingers were now in contact with her intimacy. The beginning of her index finger was slightly spreading the small lips.

We finally arrived on the apartment’s landing. I had the choice to thank our man but I thought he could help me carry Phanie to our bed.
We entered the apartment and arrived at our room and put Phanie on the bed and on her stomach. She slept through her drunkenness. I wonder if she even had any idea how much help we had received.

It was a very exciting situation, and seeing the man standing in front of my darling lying amorphous on the bed gave me a lot of dirty ideas.

I decided to ask the man to help me undress her. He did not ask for help, and it was he who took off his shoes, pulled down his skirt and uncovered the little ass he now had in front of him. “Your wife is beautiful,” he told me. I thanked him for this compliment. He now took off his top and unhooked his bra.

Phanie, still asleep and drunk, let it happen. Still lying on her stomach, and despite the darkness of the room, she offered to our sight the beauty of her small body. Her legs slightly apart let us see her shaved slit.

The man was still kneeling at the foot of the bed and looking at her buttocks looked greedy and perverted.
Deciding to thank him for the effort made, I gave him the opportunity to enjoy the show and told him that I was going to get a basin in case Phanie was sick and asked him if he wanted something to drink. He replied that a beer would not be refused.
I took my time to come back and walked quietly to the entrance of the room. I passed a head and saw that the man had now taken out his sex and was slowly masturbating.

This vision excited me to the max. I took a few steps back and coughed to signal my arrival. When I entered the room the man had put away his sex, but I saw that his fly had remained open.

I also noticed that my darling’s legs were much wider apart than before I left for the kitchen. Her genitals were now open, as if ready to receive. I handed her the beer. He drank long sips without saying a word, while continuing to stare at Phanie’s ass. He sat down on the edge of the bed and gently laid a hand on my love’s white buttock. He looked at me and said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a cute little ass.” “Your wife has soft skin.”

I thanked him for helping me and told him that I was now going to take a shower and go to bed. He told me he could watch Phanie while I showered. “You never know,” he said. I thought the request was cheeky but clever. I agreed, a little embarrassed though. I took my night underwear, left the room and went to the bathroom. There I turned on the shower water but returned to my steps. I stood in the gap between the doors. The man had taken out his sex again, which was now completely bandaged. Enormous. It’s possible that the dimensions of black men are not a legend after all.

I saw him spread Phanie’s legs a little more and bring her sex closer to her groove. I saw him rubbing the tip of it against my darling’s sex. Phanie said nothing, still asleep.

I wondered if I should intervene but I admit that the incongruity of the situation mixed with the excitement pushed me to remain a voyeur of the scene. The man came a little closer and I understood that he was now pushing his sex into that of my love. Phanie, who until then had remained silent, let out a sigh. He was aware, surely, that waking her up would have cut short any embrace, then I saw him enter her gently, without jerks.

He had sunk all the way into her now and was beginning to move slowly back and forth.

I could see Phanie’s face asleep, showing signs of pleasure. Her mouth had opened and this time a “yes” had come out.

The man felt encouraged by this approval and his movements became deeper but never abrupt. I had a hard-on in front of this scene. I could see the long black sex going in and out of my love’s little pussy and his buttocks crushed every time the man’s pelvis came up against them. He owned it now and took it from all its length. Phanie sighed very loudly despite her condition and her sighs were mixed with confused words. He was certain that she took pleasure in receiving this cock in the depths of her belly.

I saw the man speed up the movement and then suddenly withdraw and wank his huge rod over Phanie’s ass. He pressed the tip of his cock on what I imagined to be his little hole and as his face tightened I imagined it emptying on my darling’s ass.
I went back to the bathroom, took a shower very quickly. When I returned to the room the man had disappeared.

I approached Phanie, still amorphous, and saw that there was no trace of the man’s pleasure. I thought that he had wiped away all traces of his misdeeds before leaving.

I took Phanie by the legs and placed her in the right direction of the bed and covered her with the duvet.

Spreading her legs, I saw some white liquid coming out of her ass and finally understood. The man had penetrated her small hole to spread inside her. I didn’t understand how Phanie couldn’t feel anything given the size of the man’s sex, but the fact is that he had taken her as he wanted her to.

Was I going to tell her about the affair? Did she really not realize anything?


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