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Cuckold Stories dinner in a restaurant

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This Saturday evening, April 28, 2012, I am invited to the restaurant by an acquaintance. He’s an old man.
friend to whom I can’t refuse anything. He’s always spoiled me by introducing me to friends
with whom I have taken a lot of pleasure.

In the late afternoon, coming out of the bath, all invigorated, I ask my beloved husband to make me
wear the clothes planned for the exit. It is he who, usually in agreement with our
hosts, take care of my cloakroom.

He tells me he hesitates between two totally different outfits. Unable to decide, he calls
our friend at the restaurant to ask him for his opinion. He tells her he has a choice between a red mini dress under a light raincoat or just the raincoat with nothing underneath! The
conversation is brief.

My man looks in the closet and offers me my only clothing for the meal: a
black raincoat, very short, which almost perfectly hides my nudity, except that it is
carved with a slit on the back part that goes up to the belt. When I walk, the
tend to deviate.

You can see the parting of my butt very clearly. On the front, the neckline allows me to
to enhance my chest. I like this raincoat that I often wear when I go out.
I left on my husband’s arm to join our vehicle parked around the corner. A
With each step, I feel the slit of my garment slightly spreading in the back. I know that my
bare buttocks are visible to the passers-by who follow us. I share this with my husband who
asks me to assume this outfit and who doesn’t see anything shocking about it. I feel wet
dripping in the crotch!

A few minutes later, we arrive in front of the bar-restaurant. There are many
cars in the parking lot. I see someone coming to meet us. We are expected.
I’m getting out of my vehicle. At my darling’s request, I precede men to
the entrance.

I know very well why they are following me. They have a direct view of my hindquarters. All while
asking them if the view is beautiful, I enter the restaurant.
I take a look at the circular to get an idea of the clientele. Many couples are
already at the table. I spot several men leaning on zinc. It’s still cocktail time.
Our host takes the opportunity to make the presentations. While holding me by my waist, he cuddles
discreetly my bare butt. It excites me terribly. I can’t help but think
to sink.

We stay at the bar to share an aperitif. A few sips of Scotch later, I’m fine….
The boss brings us to the table. We circulate in the room full of people. After having me
sits in a quiet corner, with his back to the room, he leaves to give instructions to his colleagues.
employees. I see them looking at me discreetly and laughing.

The meal has just begun, the chief waiter approaches and gently slips into my ear:
every time I approach to serve you, I would ask you to please undo a
button on your raincoat. I’m playing the game. I love these moments. I’m getting wetter and wetter.

A few minutes later, there are no more buttons to undo. I pretend to hold on to my
a garment that opens wide, revealing my stomach and bare breasts. Throughout the meal,
it’s a real staff parade coming by to watch me.

The meal is dragging on. The conversation is about sex only. Since there are less
of people around us, my neighbour asks me to undo his pants and to
take his tail in his mouth. I’m gently squeezing his balls. He has a hard on like a madman. A
waiter who watches the scene laughing, clears the next table and sponges it. I will
keep wanking.

The men at the bar are surprised by my attitude. By play, my neighbour waved to them
to approach. It is then a crazy farandole that agitates around me. One after the other, they
put their dick in my mouth. I ask them to give me their juice. I suck, I grope.
Ah! Happiness! I’ll never get tired of it.

Spurts of semen fall on my tongue. Cream is spreading on my face, between my
breasts, dripping down to my sex. That’s wonderful! How many enjoy it? I don’t know, I don’t know.
It’s naked that I continue my night.

I’m infinitely happy to have sucked them. A waiter draws me to the kitchens. It is at
knees that I give two masterful blowjobs to the cooks. They smear my face and smear it.
sperm chest of a high gustatory quality and above all extremely abundant.

I come back to the room dripping. Semen is running down my face, there’s still a few
people sipping beer in front of the bar, they welcome me with pleasure. One of the
young people, while gently touching me, wipes the juice that smears my face with her fingers
rough and gives me to lick them, I do it with great pleasure.

One of them has a natural craving. I rush to the toilet and leave myself
fall on the bezel. My companion takes out his dick and grabs it with both hands. He runs it.
to my face. I open my mouth. Clumsy, he is unable to hold it in. He’s pissing on my
forehead, my face, and finally manages to let his urine flow into my mouth.

I’ve always loved the golden shower. Some of my guide’s friends arrive in turn. It’s too much
funny than peeing on me, watching me taste their urine, and letting the overflow flow between my breasts, on my stomach the liquid dripping between my wide open lips
of my gender. I let them do it.

I enjoy these powerful jets which, under abundance and pressure, are not far from
choke me.

One of the waiters very kindly, takes the white cloth he has on his arm and wipes it off for me
body. He sponges my face, lingers on my breasts and gently rubs my stomach, back and legs.

A few minutes later, my dear husband puts the black raincoat he has on my shoulders
found. He confirms to me in the presence of the boyfriend who invited us tonight that we
will be back here very soon. I loved the atmosphere, the welcome of the staff, and the good
customer clothing.


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