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Cuckold Stories Annie at the mall

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Hi, it’s Annie.
I’m a married woman, cheating. My husband Francois is a consenting cuckold. I’ve become a little slut, dressed to the waist and no longer wears panties since Didier forbade me to. I must always be available with my bare ass under my miniskirt.

Benoit, my master on the net, wants me to smell like a whore as he says. He makes me do extravagant dirty things . He makes me do the whore and I obey him like a bitch. I love this relationship of submission, humiliation. I like men who know how to be obeyed.

Benoit ordered me to go to the mall and come home only after fucking a stranger. Perched on high heels, my legs attract men like flies. My little skirt comes to the edge of my stockings, I look like a slut. Men love it. Most men love it. Well, most men are always ready to jump the first bitch they see.

Soon I see a man in his sixties ogling me. I give him a little smile, he understands that I’m in demand for sex. He follows me, I walk to the underground parking lot, where I parked my car. He enters with me in the elevator, he puts his hand under my skirt, I like it but the door opens, we’ve arrived. He follows me to my car, and I put my shopping in the boot. When I’m finished he grabs me by the hips and his mouth sticks to mine.

He caresses me and tells me I’m beautiful. He’s unpacked my breasts and he’s groping me, he’s suckling them. He kneels down and lifts up my skirt, he admires my pussy. He gives me a delicious cunnilingus, his tongue goes deep into my pussy. I caress his egg skull, he titillates my clitoris, I have pleasure, he treats himself.

Then he asks me to take care of him. I crouch down and unpack his goods. He gets a hard-on, and I release this big thing. I take him in my hand, lift him up, his two balls are big, and I weigh them and stroke them. He smells strong, so I give his dick a little lick. He grabs me by the hair, forces me down, shoves his belly down my gullet. He literally kisses my mouth. He insults me. Bitch, you’re good !

He spurts into my deep throat. I’m suffocating. His abundant male semen is feeding me like a goose. He withdraws and wipes his dick on my face. I swallowed slowly, and he told me to swallow all his syrup, that it’s good for me. I get up, he makes me open my mouth to check if I’ve swallowed it all. He examines my mouth and closes it with his fingers.

He tells me to turn around and put my hands on the trunk of the car. I obey, I like a man who’s bossy and gives me orders. He rolls up my skirt and strokes my ass, he searches my orifices. He spreads my buttocks and sticks his tongue up my ass. I can feel that he’s interested in this hole, he dilates it with his fingers. He takes my cyprin to lubricate my ass.

Then his dick forces my back door open, he sticks it in slowly until he’s on guard. I feel his balls on my buttocks, he owns me, well planted in my ass, he clamps me by my hips and he starts to clean my ass.

I’m hot, I’m squealing, I’m shaking, I’m shaking, I’m screaming. He puts his hand over my mouth, and I’m going to rouse the whole car park. We’re in a bit of a hidden corner, I realize that anyone can come by at any time. He comes up my ass, I feel his juice filling me up, he sticks to the hole for a while.

I start looking around and I see a camera that’s pointed in our direction. I look down, I’m ashamed, I want to hide, but it’s too late. Finally the man retires, he readjusts himself, I stand up and do the same with my little skirt. I feel sperm flowing, I take a handkerchief and wipe off the semen that’s staining me.

The man thanks me and leaves. I get into my car and go home where my husband is waiting for me.

My man knows when I come home whether I’ve done something wrong or not. No need to talk, my attitude betrays me. When I’m too ashamed of what I’ve done, I don’t tell my man.

He understands that I don’t want to talk, so he doesn’t insist. He’s very excited and smells the strong smell I’m giving off, so my perfume doesn’t cover it up. This male smell on me excites him.

He grabs me, calls me a bitch, a whore, and rapes me on the side. I have no choice but to tell him I don’t want him to fuck me and I end up accepting it. He’s right, I’m his wife, I’m his and no one else’s.

The next day I have to tell Benoit everything. I tell him about my concern for the camera. I thought he’d advise me not to go to that mall anymore.

But no, on the contrary, he said: “Tomorrow you’re going back there, bitch ! You’ll find a guy and I want him to fuck you in the same place.


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