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Cuckold Stories A desire made real

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Couple reconstituted since 7 years, having a great difference of age (15 years), in contact with a candaulist friend, we very often evoked the possibility for my small wife to have relations with another man, which did not fail to make it wet, often giving him intense pleasures, but always with a hesitation to go further, of fear without any doubt of losing me.I could assure her that not only did it excite me, but that I was not at all jealous, and she knew it, and she knew it would not be a problem, for we would both be willing.

Béa is a very beautiful woman of 58 years old, nice breasts 95b, very pretty silhouette maintained by sport; by dint of persuading her of her beauty, I managed to get her to wear sexier outfits and now she no longer hesitates to go out, in shorts, short or split skirts, with very pretty underwear that I often offer her. Men very often turn on her, which she appreciates more and more, to the point of even playing provocation by letting, inadvertently of course, guess the birth of her pubis by spreading her legs more than necessary. But always this reluctance to take the plunge.

Finally the opportunity came during a trip to Vienna; we don’t speak the language at all, only my English, which is very scholastic, was used to make us understand, with some difficulty however, to translate the menus and especially to know what the dishes consisted of; the first evening, at the hotel, we made a surprise choice, without too much regret, but the following evening, we were in trouble; it was finally a neighbour from a neighbouring table, seeing our difficulty, who saved us: he spoke very correct French.

As our meal was ending, his too, to thank him for his courtesy, we invited him to the living room.

He was a handsome man, well made of his person, very courteous and who, as the evening progressed, sitting on an armchair facing us, seemed very attracted to my wife; it must be admitted that there was plenty of it; simply dressed in a transparent bodice covering a balconnet bra and a very short wraparound skirt, which she often had to put back on so that we did not discover her intimacy. After two mojitos, she became more relaxed; her legs didn’t close up as much anymore, revealing a good part of her thighs; under her bodice, the clearly visible breast tips stretched out the veil; she held my hand while at the same time, she was showing herself off, in front of this man, who I hoped would become her lover for one evening.

As he was going to the bar for another round, kissing her, I said: “You seem to like this man, do you want to go further? ” Her answer didn’t come immediately, but spreading her thighs a little bit more, she said yes.

When he came back, he immediately perceived the change, being able to now discover the mini briefs, appearing in the middle of his uncovered thighs. Visibly the effect was visible, tensing his pants.

Leaning over to his ear, I suggested that he go to the toilet and take off his thong. Her breathing quickened, then staring at Karl (I’ll know his name later), she got up, discovering the totality of her femininity, then she crumpled; On her return, her cheeks scarlet but very provocative, she put her thong on my knees as she sat down; a gesture that Karl, discovering her pussy, clearly visible, quickly interpreted as an invitation to come and sit next to her. Putting his hand on her uncovered thigh, he invited us to follow him to his room, because it was difficult, even if we were out of sight, to go any further in the living room.

Hardly in the elevator, he pressed it against a wall; his hand invited itself under his skirt which he spread and his fingers immediately invested in his pussy; on my side, I opened his rope, revealing his tits stretched; the 15 floors swallowed, we went out thus in the corridor, my miss totally at the sight of a possible resident of the hotel; but fortunately, the deserted corridor allowed us to join the room, while plotting it; at the entry, the skirt was in my hands, revealing its partial nudity.

Tonight, Bea has decided to take the step of offering herself in front of me; as I walk through that door I know that I am going to be cuckolded, which is what I wanted in the end, and that excites me enormously.

Karl understood that he was going to be able to take advantage of Bea and without hesitation he pulls down his pants to make an already well-bandaged live spout out of her and he kneels her down in front of him; if her tail isn’t very long (sorry, 18 to 20 cm) it’s very thick and Bea has trouble swallowing it all the way through; taking her head, he jerks off between her lips, without taking into account Bea’s efforts. She suffocates, suffocates, his saliva flows around her lips, but she does not give in and grabbing his balls, she activates even more, pulling his service three pieces; She has to swallow, but eventually she becomes a stranger and suddenly throws back the life from which sperm still flows and crashes into her face.

The man is prolific and it is the face covered with secretion that she gets up. For me, I have my cock in my hand and I jerk off gently, retaining my pleasure, despite my excitement, with only one desire: to see her chuckle her pussy.

Karl has laid Bea down on the bed with her thighs spread apart; his fingers play with her clit, crushing it, which triggers my beautiful’s moans; it’s then with two fingers that he invests the cave, searching it boldly, then three fingers come to fist her deeply, even trying to put four of his fingers, which he pushes in depth. Under the twirls of the hand that searches her, Bea enjoys an abundant wetness that floods the bed. Suddenly she takes his hand away and to my great surprise she asks him “come and take me, I want your cock in my pussy, beat me up, make me come in front of him, act like a cuckold”.

He took back his superb, hooding his limb and placing himself between her legs and putting his feet on her shoulders, he skewers her, powerfully, with a single thrust he sinks; his balls coming beat the pelvis offered. It is the first time that she offers herself thus to another than me, it is the first cock, other than mine which fills her, which makes her enjoy and I note that she offers herself without modesty, looking at me sometimes, eyes dilated by the pleasure, seeming to want to prove to me that I was a cuckold; indeed I was it well and when it emptied noisily, in my turn, I juiced to accompany it. A short walk to the shower and she comes back to me.

“You wanted me to make love with another man, you see it’s done and I hope he’ll take me back tonight; we’re going to stay here, but I’ll be his alone, you mustn’t interfere, whatever happens; I’ve decided to belong to him totally, without restrictions and you know what that means: what I refuse you; if he wants he can sodomize me” I think the night is going to be long and I wasn’t wrong.

A little surprised by the turn of events, which was to his advantage, he then asked Bea a question: “If I understand correctly, you want to offer yourself to a man in front of him; have you ever done this before, with one or more? “No, it was at first a desire for him, which I had difficulty in considering, but now my desire is to offer myself unreservedly, now with you, but why not later with other men; I know now that I like it, and so does he, look at that, it makes him hard”; his confession excites me a lot and without thinking about it I ask him a question: “Would you like to be taken by several men? “Her answer is frank and it leaves me stunned: “Yes, I want to, maybe just once; you’ve often wished for it; I want to be as you wish: a little slut offering herself for his pleasure”.

Speaking to Karl who rebels, excited by his answers “don’t you have a boyfriend to offer me? “He remains speechless before answering “not tonight, but if your husband agrees, it will be possible tomorrow”; again she amazes me “it’s me who asks you, tomorrow come with me, but now fuck me, make me come, take me in front of him, I want to be yours”.
For the second time, she offers herself to him, shameless, spreading her thighs apart, revealing her pussy from which her cyprine flows. If I remain a little dumbfounded by the situation, he does not hesitate; with a powerful kidney stroke, he impales himself in her pussy, working her with force; sometimes I see the live one, shining of secretion, bandaged; one pleasure is obvious, his pleasure surges several times, noisy, intense.

Suddenly he withdraws and turning her over, he places her on his knees on the bed, suckling her on the sheet, thus revealing her furrow and her little hole; she has understood; while the saw rubs himself against the offered eyelet, she catches her lobes, spreading them apart, revealing her sanctuary, still virgin. The acorn rests on the ring still closed, then gently enters the duct. Suddenly a cry: the tail has crossed the tight ring and has sunk down to the guard; her breathing expresses her pain, then little by little, she relaxes; Karl, for his part, remains motionless at the bottom of the crater; moving back her pelvis, she encourages him to sodomize her: “Go ahead, you have just made me lose this virginity that I have always refused him, make me come in front of him so that he understands that I belong to you tonight”.

And so it was; for long minutes, he smashed the foundation, banging it vigorously, encouraged by an unleashed Bea. Moaning, shouting his pleasure, enjoying intensely, she offered herself totally; suddenly I saw Karl stretching himself, obviously enjoying; Bea was proving her pleasure to me: “Damn, it’s hot, it fills me up, I can feel his jets invading my entrails, oh yes, again…” then nothing more. As he withdrew from his bottom, his cock still dripping, I realized that he had taken it without a condom and that it had just been filled with sperm, for his greatest pleasure obviously.

The rest of the night was calmer, curled up between the two of us, Bea quickly fell asleep; woken up by a moving bed, I noticed that our two rascals had set the table again, Bea straddling him, impaled on her outstretched limb, a position in which she takes great pleasure, and it was the case ; When she had just come, she stared at me, then kissed me while she was still riding him, “he has just impregnated me, my cat is full of his semen, I am his little female, and I hope it will be the same tonight.


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