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Presenting Maria

The doorbell rang and I nodded to Maria to answer it. She padded forward barefoot, her big tits swaying as she walked.
Maria, completely naked, stood aside to allow our visitor to enter. He walked in slowly, a “hello” frozen on his lips as he stared at Maria’s massive melons.
“Good evening, Ben,” I said. “Welcome. Maria is really looking forward to you fucking her.”
“Hi,” Ben managed, still unable to drag his eyes away from the voluptuous naked woman before him.
The brunette slut took his hand and led him to the bedroom, just off the entry, swaying her hips a little as she slowly walked in front of Ben, her long slim legs and cute little ass only revealing flashes of the delights that lay there.
Maria turned and stood facing Ben impassively, still holding his hand, as I walked around behind her and placed my hands on her bare shoulders.
“As this is your first booking with my whore of a wife, I would like to formally present Maria to you and outline some simple rules which you must agree to before you have sex with her.”
“Ok, sure,” Ben agreed hastily, glancing briefly at me before continuing to allow his gaze to wander all over Maria’s naked body.
“While I outline them, perhaps you’d like to reach out and grab Maria’s tits, have a fondle and a play,” I suggested with a smile, sliding my hands down Maria’s body to her waist.
Maria drew up her shoulders at the prospect, thrusting her firm 12F breasts out even further, but remained silent.
“I’d love too,” Ben replied breathily as his hands quickly moved to Maria’s bazookas. He wasn’t a small man, and his hands were no match for Maria’s tits, but he grabbed them, ran his hands over them and wobbled them around with some enthusiasm. Maria closed her eyes and tiled her head to one side as Ben’s hands roamed over her boobs.
“After tonight you are free to contact us to book Maria for sex at any time. Maria is now your free personal prostitute and you can fuck her any time and as often as you want, subject to booking availability.
“Yeah, sure,” Ben agreed hastily, still busy with Maria’s hooters.
“You must only fuck Maria with my knowledge and permission or her services will be withdrawn.
“You agree to allow me to watch, and direct as I see fit, before, during and after sex, and take such photos and videos as I choose without retaining any rights over them.
“In a standard booking Maria is available for oral, vaginal and anal sex, and always fucks bareback.
“We may invite you to special events such as group bookings, gangbangs or public sex which you are free to accept or not.”
Ben was nodding as he continued to explore my wife’s huge jugs. Maria glanced at me, and I nodded back.
She took Ben’s hand from her left breast and moved it slowly down her body towards her crotch, parting her legs slightly.
“Mmm, that’s where I want to be, slut,” Ben murmured as he accepted the invitation and parted the lips of Maria’s pussy.
“Finally, while Maria enjoys being banged hard, fast and rough, there will be no damage inflicted on her at any time. Do you agree?”
“Yeah, no problem, I understand,” Ben said, sparing a look at me before getting back to feeling up my wife.
Maria was getting hot and wet by now so I pressed down on her waist to get her on her knees in front of Ben.
She started to undo his pants and he quickly realised we were into the next phase, hastily stripping off.
Maria sighed happily at the sight of Ben’s erect cock.

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