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cuckold chat

This cuckold and hotwife chatroom is for cuckolds, hotwife husbands, stags, bulls, and cuckold wannabes.
Who enjoy chatting about and/or showing off and exposing their wives or girlfriends.
So whether you’re looking to share nude pictures of your wife or girlfriend or enjoy others exposing their own wives or girlfriends, this place is for you!
If you haven’t created an account yet and would like to instead of logging in as a guest, you can do that too by clicking the register button.
If you have any problems, just login as a guest and let a staff member know.

In addition to our cuckold chat you can also find our cuckold forum for your meetings and one-night stands, browse our site and have fun.

However our cuckold chat has certain rules, you can find them here below, we look forward to meeting you.



Welcome to the cuckold chat.
The Guest mode allows you to chat in specific rooms.
You cannot use the private message or story feature.
Also you cannot participate in our voting system.
Create an account in order to start earning experience and votes.


Member accounts can participate in more than one room.
They can use private messages.
They can collect votes for rewards and extras.
They do not, however, the posibility of using the stories.
They can earning experience for the VIP rank.


VIP accounts are active members thanks to the experience system.
You have to be level 5 to get this rank.
The experience system is explained below.
If you have too many warnings on your account you will lose your rank and earned experience.
Votes are boosted when you are VIP by 1.5X.
From level 10 on you can request collage.
From level 20 you can request a magazine.
You can use the stories mod.


The contributor rank is the best active member of the last 24 hours.
You earn this rank for 30 days.
Contributor rank are reset the first of the month.
You automatically win a special collage.
You have access to the chat history.
You have access to special and unique rooms.
The more content you post the more votes you earn, it’s easy to get this rank.
You can use the stories mod.


The rank verifier gives you the same as premium accounts.
You have to ask an administrator to be verified.
This rank unlocks everything except the HIDDEN room.
You can use the stories mod.


The premium rank and a paid chat option.
If you decide to support us financially you will be greatly rewarded.
You have access to all rooms.
You have access to all the options.
You have exclusive collages.
You have an exclusive magazine.
You get your own banner.
But more importantly, you have access to the hidden zone.
The bonuses are important when you are premium.
But you can be sure that all your fanstame will be realised.


Our cuckold chat works with an activity-based reward system.
For every interaction you gain experience and levels.
The experience is calculated every 5min and updated on your account.
The best way to gain experience is to be active on the site.
If you remain inactive you automatically lose a part of your experience.
It is therefore advisable not to let the chat open with other tabs on other sites.
Once level 5 is reached you will automatically get the VIP rank.
At level 10 you have the possibility to order a collage (available on this link)
At level 20 you can request a magazine (available on this link)
If you don’t respect the chat rules you also lose level and experience.
If you want more information please contact us.



You must be 18+ to chat here.
No flooding, trolling, cloning.
No hacking, exploiting, spoofing.
No racism (Take this as your first and final warning)
No Incest (No family related role-play including names such as “younger” & “lil”)
No rape, forced sex and bestiality user names.
No Doxxing and porn revenge
No typing in all caps. (Its hard to read and pretty annoying)
No repeatedly messaging someone who clearly is not replying. (Take a hint… they don’t want to talk to you)
No USERS may use RED TEXT. It is for ADMIN and STAFF only.


Having more than one account is tolerated under certain conditions

  • No auto content request ( Any have seen… )
  • No monologue between two false accounts on the chat

If you have been muted, it is forbidden to make a new account to bypass your sanction.

If you are not logged in since 60 Day your account is automatically deleted.

You can request the deletion of your account in your profile.


Links to external services or web site on the cuckold chat room and in private messages are prohibited
You will receive a warning and your account will become muted automaticly. ( is a automatic anti fraud systeme ) 

The links allowed to be shared on the cuckold chat room are the following.

Trying to mislead the system with cut links will result in your account being banned without warning.
Sending photos with urls is also supported by our anti-fraud system and it will also ban you without warning.
Email skype etc..etc.. all content a external service is not allowed CF WIVES is a private place and we want she stay private.



If you ignore the rules, you will automatically be muted 1 DAY .

A staff member will monitor your activity and warn you with an automatic message.

The mute can be stay 1H or 12H depend no need to email read just the rules

The sanction i proportional to the shit you have make 

Ex: you have try to cut a url for send your shit you take 30day interdiction

If you are banned this one is for life, all your photos and references will be tagged in our database.
You will no longer be able to return under another name.